Monday, October 1, 2012

10/1/12 As Sisters in Zion?

Hey! No worries about the typhoon... It passed the East side of Hokkaido just barely so we hardly got anything. Not going to lie, but I was a little bit excited to see it. We were helping a recent convert clean out her mom's old apt since she passed away, but it was only a little rain. Cool picture from Lagoon hahah. The pictures of Dave and the fam are awesome! So I forgot my camera again, but we'll see if Hansen Choro's camera works today.

Thanks for updating me on the ward and everything! I hope Taylor gets better right away because that's tough! Right in the middle of school too. That's crazy Jake has to get 25 shots! Holy cow! Please thank the ward members again for me! Let them know that a lot of good is getting done here :) I:m glad you could hear the music stuff too!

So neat about all the new babies coming into the family! There are definitely some really amazing Japanese families here. So cool and so strong in the gospel. Really inspiring. I try to talk to lots of different people at church and we actually had a big eating meeting after church yesterday. I don't know what to call it in English haha. It's tricky to just tell about the people I meet because there are so many! Families in particular though.. hmmm we try to visit ward members every now and then, but they are not all usually home and a lot of the times it's just at the door because we can't go into the houses depending on who's home. Our lessons with Nodoka the 8 year old are still going way good and she and her mom are on track to be baptized really soon! Nodoka wants to get baptized next Saturday, but since it's general conference we might pick a different day. It is really fun to teach a kid like that.

On Wednesday I went on splits to Muroran! It was about an hour train ride away and I was companions with Elder Onishi for a day. He is the district leader and way bomb. He is 25 and a convert to the church a few years ago. Pretty much that whole day I had to do my best to do absolutely everything in Japanese and it was cool. It was really neat to see such a different area! Way pretty. The town is like tiered and stuff and the ocean is close too. I learned a lot from Onishi Choro and tried out some cool new things that improved my dendo a lot.

Also the next day we had zone conference and it was really crazy because we were all the way in Muroran and we had to leave super early. At the zone conference though they made me get up and tell about myself in Japanese and then sing As Sisters in Zion and then they sat me down and all gave me tons of candy! Sweet! I took a picture, but yeah. Camera at the apartment... :p

I'm excited for general conference too and I'm really excited to hopefully take investigators to it! We all go to the stake center to see it so I'm thinking that'll be way sweet. Remember sometimes when it's the hardest to stay focused that's the time you need to focus the most because there are things that Heavenly Father wants to teach you. I know that this work is worth it. Worth more than anything else that I could possibly be doing right now. I am glad that the missionaries there have good attitudes and stuff! I'm seriously dying to know how things are different there because of the new mission. I think if the missionaries can actually be there long enough (and not spread out too thin) and work with the members tons of real miracles can happen! I'm really excited and proud of Mara for doing her best to work with Esmerelda and stuff too!

Everyday is definitely full of things to be grateful for. I am trying to work more on making my prayers more detailed and meaningful because I think that if I rely more on the Lord in that sense that I'll be able to notice and fix my weaknesses even better. With that said I am trying harder to get everybody into my prayers as much as possible too. There are lots of great people that I am privileged to pray for here too though :)

Feel free to write anytime by the way. I'm not exactly sure the time difference, but I usually do email at noon on Mondays here.

Love you tons and tons! Aishiteimasu!

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