Sunday, April 27, 2014

4/27/14 Cool zone conferences

Yeah it's busy. I got my charger, but I didn't have any chances to take pictures yet. Unless you want pictures of my apartment again. I haven't taken them yet, but yeah. I am running in and out of the apartment on the second floor. We wear shoes in the office, but not in the apartment. I couldn't tell you what a normal day is like anymore because it is different new assignments everyday and based on those we are either in all day or out all day.

Almost everything is different from previous missionary life, but I still feel like I'm working hard and am not bummed about it or anything. I will still have chances to split with the ZLs and stuff so that will be a great chance to have normal dendo days.
Why are you working extra hours? Emily's baby sounds fun. Ariel's husband sounds fun too. I bet he knew a lot of my friends from the MTC.

That's cool that the MP's wife spoke at stake conference! Is there still a Salt Lake West mission with just WVC? Pres. Brumble sounds like he's doing great as a stake pres. Why in the world did they change the ward boundaries? Did a bunch of people stop coming or are they just trying to make super giant crazy wards? I don't get it. I'm not worried about speaking at all, but you might need to find a translator for me.

So this week was...
Monday-Had music practice at the honbu so lots of people came. We had a little bit of time to shop and stuff. A member brought his friend to the honbu and he was chill so we taught him. He seems to have good potential. We also met one of Tomita E's old inv's at night and made a date with him. His name is Yuusuke. The next day was mostly cleaning the honbu to get ready for Aoyagi E to come. Also finishing stuff up on the power points and going to this place to get my license translated so I can get going on upgrading my license. Wednesday was more prep and cleaning. Aoyagi E & S came and had interviews with Tomita E and me. It was such a spiritual awesome experience. He asked me if I had any stories I wanted to share from my mission so I told him about Nemuro and he was really moved. He gave me the assignment to share it in zone conference the next two days. He also gave me a lot of advice on showing love as a leader and the importance of training as a leader. Tomita E and I got the same advice in a lot of ways.

Thursday we had the first zone conference in Atsubetsu and it went pretty good. It was 3 zones in one so there were a ton of people. I'm sure you'll see pics on facebook soon. I had a lot of chances to help the Aoyagi's get stuff ready for their presentation as well. We also found out that on the 28th of next month D. Todd Christofferson E is coming so we might have a mission conference. Almost for sure, hahaha. Aoyagi E/S, Evans K/S gave way good workshops on a lot of different things. Afterwards we had a leader meeting that went great and talked about our impressions/asked him questions. The next day we went to Moiwa and had the other 2 zones meet. It went great as well. Moiwa church is nicer than any church I've seen in America so far.

It was so awesome to hear the workshops twice because they were almost totally different. I learned so much. It gave us lots of ideas to prepare for mission leader meeting this Wednesday. We did get in some good streeting time that night, so that felt really good. Saturday we did lots of planning for ml kaigi (mission leader conf) and taught Tadano Zen B an AB lesson on the plan of salvation w/ a member. We also went to his daughter's baptism! The cool thing is that he performed it. Great experience. Before hand we only had a few minutes, but I wanted to dendo way bad so we just ran up and down the streets inviting people to the baptism. No one we invited came, but it was way fun. Sunday was a great meeting as well. After church we got paired up with members to pass out Eikaiwa fliers. We went home and prepped more for ml kaigi (we're still not done) and then ate at a member's house (Tandou S).

I'm having a great time though! Tomita E is so spiritual it's amazing. Even when things are hectic here we help each other a lot. Sometimes it's tough to get down on yourself here because you think "maybe if I used time better I would've been able to dendo more" but the great thing about the atonement is that we can repent and try to do better next time. Instead of getting down, I try to be thankful that God pointed out how I can improve and gave me a chance to repent.

I love you! I hope you had a great Easter as well!!!
Hutchinson Choro

with Nishime choro before transfers

with Elder Aoyagi of the 70 and his wife

Me and Hayashi

Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/20/14 Busiest week of my mission so far hahaha

Hey thanks! I'm pretty thrilled as well. I hope I can do all of the things that the Lord needs me to do while I am here. My goal in one part is to do everything to make this mission a better place. I actually just got a mail from Hansen E and read Adam's email. hahaha I told my bean the same thing because I am a third generation AP. Powell, Hansen, me. Morgan E just became a trainer over a cool Australian Elder Named Karaka E so I just became a grandpa!!! hahaha

So far the office has been great. Monday I got the money out and had a uniclo shopping spree. A member brought me a really sweet birthday cake. I bought some fun shirts and some new dress shirts, plus one pair of new slacks and a few other things. I have only used half the money, but might buy some new slip on dress shoes today. In the honbu there is lots of running around and changing shoes, so those would help haha. Anyways Nishime E and I ate sushi and then headed home to finish packing, said bye to some members and investigators by phone, then headed to the station where Hayashi met us to say goodbye. He is pretty great.

Unfortunately that picture killed my camera battery and I think I forgot my charger in Iwamizawa. Until then I can't take pictures so I didn't get any of this crazy week. After we rode back to Sapporo I met Elder Watabe and he gave me a bunch of AP training. Mostly computer stuff and a talk about what we do. After that we did transfer calls for the trainers! I got to tell Morgan E so that was cool. I was a little bit nervous at first, but the next day I got a lot more used to it and they went great. :D The next day was transfer calls and the rest of training. We also picked up the beans from the airport at night. There is a Vietnamese kid and he is going to Nemuro! I hope he can work with Van S a lot. They were super awesome. There are 9 nihonjin and 3 gaijin this time. Polynesian, Australian, and Viet. Pretty cool.

The next day was their training and all that great stuff. Thursday was transfers and all of the returning missionary stuff. Dinner, testimony meeting, etc. I'll actually spend my last time w/ Nakatsuka K so I'm glad I get to experience that once. Also this guy came to the honbu that one of the beans found with his trainer on his first hour of dendo. Pretty cool guy. Friday we sent the missionaries to the airport. We talked a lot in the car. My new comp Tomita E is sooo spiritual. I love the heck out of him. I feel more like a missionary with him than any other comp. He's way funny too. Friday night we got in some dendo time and found 2 WAY cool guys on the street and had pretty strong lessons w/ them. Sunday was great too. Kotoni ward is WAY bigger than anywhere I've been so far, but I've made a good relationship with most of the members so far. A lot of them had heard about me from other missionaries. After church we taught the recent convert Tadano Zen and that went great. Then we drove to some NAs before heading to a member's house for dinner. I will have to get my license renewed to drive here sooner or later!!! Anyway the member we visited used to dendo here and was in the same zone as me when I was a bean! The food was great. We got back and had baptismal reports and it was super busy but so fun!!!

I'm out of time, but I love you! I have been feeling the push and power of the spirit so much here!!!
Hutchinson Choro

Sunday, April 13, 2014

4/13/14 Crazy birthday!

My birthday has already been pretty crazy so far!
I'll just tell you right away....
I got my transfer call last night...!

I became Assistant to the President!!!!
SO that's probably the biggest news! I spend p-day here getting packed (though I packed everything last night) and then head to the honbu by six to begin training and stuff. I'll probably be giving people transfer calls, preparing for bean training, and heading to the airport to pick the younguns up ;D

Thank you soo much for the money! That's a lot hahaha! I'll try to be thrifty with it. I love you so much! I won't forget to get cool things for you guys too.

It is for sure crazy being 21. I do kinda feel like it though. Mara looks like she's having fun! Is there a Lincoln movie out??? Hahaha I'm glad that joke is still going on. How are the soccer boys? (inside joke from when Mara was 6)

I bet the Luau was fun too! I'm glad everyone is remembering me and stuff hahah! I will not be trunky though!!!! In the honbu I'll probably spend a LOT of time doing 'not dendo' so I will have to work hard to take advantage of every chance I get to work outside ;D.

I actually was able to fit a lot of my stuff in my suitcases so I might wait a bit before sending stuff home. Stuff that I'll throw out is probably the old short sleeve shirts that got really sweaty and the thermals that are all pretty ripped up. Still usable, but a member bought me some nice new ones from Uniqlo. Anyway I'm looking forward to the b-day package! I thought the last package was the b-day package hahahaha. Conference was super great! I watched all of it on Saturday day and Sunday and only had to watch one session in Japanese ;D I'm glad you're enjoying Alma as well!

The sister missionaries and Mara's food must've been fun! I hope you find opportunities to work with them a lot! :D Thanks for the pictures! Also, guess who didn't forget the camera plug? Yeah!
Here's the summary real quick.
Monday was a way fun P-day! We went to Mt. Moiwa in Sapporo with an Eikaiwa student, then to a ski jump w/ museum, then to a buffet, then to Ebetsu where we went to an Onsen! Pretty full day! The next day I went on splits in Ebetsu after doing the workshop we did last week for the Ebetsu missionaries. Nishime E did a way cool example about spending every second in your day like it's money. I'll have to tell it to you someday because it'd take too much time. Splits in Ebetsu were fun! I went with Louis E who is a bean chan! We saw some great miracles and visited a member who is so strong I was blown away.

Wednesday we went to a small area in Iwamizawa to visit a member on her b-day then went to Takikawa to have a baptismal interview! It was a 16 year old girl that went to youth conference and felt the spirit super strong and overcame all her doubts. Way fun! We spent the night there and then headed home to have DKK and Eikaiwa. The next day was splits with the APs!!! I went with Watabe choro and we just worked hard finding all day! It felt great even though it was still cold. Saturday was of course all day conference! It was great though! Sunday was conference and lots of eating with members! Adachi showed up just in time for Pres. Monson's talk but had to leave afterwards. We also did lots of finding after church and then I got my call!!!
I love you so much! Time is running out so... Pictures!!! :D
Hutchinson Choro

This morning's surprise from Nishime E (spells out HAPPY BIRTHDAY one letter at a time)

Birthday cake from a member!

After the interview

View from Mt. Moiwa

Museum @ski jump

famous yakitori

Nishime E and his tempura don

My crazy curries one and two

Sunday, April 6, 2014

4/6/14 Bipolar Hokkaido

So the weather here is ridiculous. It switches between spring and back to winter (with snow and everything) every other day so it's been funny. By the way when it gets warmer, do you think it would be a good idea to send my heavy winter stuff home? I could send it by boat and it wouldn't cost that much. I am also probably going to throw away a lot of my shirts and older clothes so I should have more room. It's not like I'm planning to buy tons of stuff, but I thought it might be easier. We'll see! I might not even transfer!

I'm so jealous you got to see conference already! I'm glad they talked about missionary work. Sounds like there were a lot of amazing talks. Maybe I'll get to hear it in English this time w (it's what Japanese people do instead of lol because the word for laugh is warau). We had Fast Sunday and it went pretty good. The deaf sister in the ward moved away so I don't have to do sign language anymore. It was kinda lonely, but I was glad that my hands were free to actually stand up and bear my testimony for the first time in a while. Sounds like the cousins had a fun time at conference as well!

Once again I'm the worst son and forgot my adapter. You will see the food eventually though. The only really interesting food we had this time around was the famous Bibai yakitori (barbecue chicken shishkebabs) Its famous because of the way they cook it and the fact that they only use the organs not the regular meat. It was pretty good, but regular yakitori is better. Nemuro's is still my favorite :)

Nishime E is from Ginowan in Okinawa. His house is right across from the famous Futenma American base. He doesn't really like running. When we went running, he rode a bike and followed us w. We weren't able to meet the person who new Andrus B or Ogasawara this week, but we'll keep trying! :) Japanese people work way too hard. We did however find a WAY cool guy named Gotou from Shibetsu who lived nearby though. He is about 20 and studying nursing, but has a lot of interest. He let us in his house when it was super cold, we had an awesome lesson, and he gave us potatoes from his family's farm.

Other wise the week goes like this.
Monday was a funny p-day. We spent all of our time making the zone's shepherd (newsletter). It was a lot more work than we thought printing out pics at the store, cutting em out etc. I was glad I had a mom who did scrapbooking even though I didn't really get any of those talents. We also headed to Asahikawa and spent the night. The next day we had a mini zone conference with two of the districts about improving yourself and not settling for average. It was pretty fun. After that I went on splits with one of the beans named Velasquez E. It was way fun and he is really chill. We saw a ton of cool miracles. I miss being a trainer!

Wednesday we came home and tried to visit a few members. We couldn't ride bikes yet and ended up walking a TON. Thursday we had DKK and Eikaiwa plus splits with Schoell E from Ebetsu again. (He is the 2 meter tall guy w) The weather that day was way crazy, but we made really good use of it. Saturday we stopped by Bibai and visited that NA Miura S we visit every other week. I feel like the more we teach her, the more her doctrine gets mixed up. I'm pretty sure she is listening to the Jehovah's witnesses (J dubs) as well and it's kinda tricky. We'll figure something out. We also stopped by Yamashita's house and he was doing good! He was happy to meet again so hopefully we'll be able to get back into teaching him. Still no job, but it's warmer so that's a big help. At night we went and ate that yakitori with Adachi Kaicho. We did some denwa dendo and shopping because we finished dinner early. Sunday was pretty much what I explained up top. And that's it! We are going somewhere with the Eikaiwa student again today so that should be cool!

The gospel is so great. PMG and the Book of Mormon are so great! I feel like there are times where I get tired of studying in general, but with prayer I have been able to learn so many new things despite having read them so many times before. Aoyagi E from the 70 is coming next transfer and committed us to read Alma and it's so great!!! I used to think Alma was just super long, but it is full of so many great missionary stories.

I love you and am grateful for your support and testimonies!