Sunday, April 20, 2014

4/20/14 Busiest week of my mission so far hahaha

Hey thanks! I'm pretty thrilled as well. I hope I can do all of the things that the Lord needs me to do while I am here. My goal in one part is to do everything to make this mission a better place. I actually just got a mail from Hansen E and read Adam's email. hahaha I told my bean the same thing because I am a third generation AP. Powell, Hansen, me. Morgan E just became a trainer over a cool Australian Elder Named Karaka E so I just became a grandpa!!! hahaha

So far the office has been great. Monday I got the money out and had a uniclo shopping spree. A member brought me a really sweet birthday cake. I bought some fun shirts and some new dress shirts, plus one pair of new slacks and a few other things. I have only used half the money, but might buy some new slip on dress shoes today. In the honbu there is lots of running around and changing shoes, so those would help haha. Anyways Nishime E and I ate sushi and then headed home to finish packing, said bye to some members and investigators by phone, then headed to the station where Hayashi met us to say goodbye. He is pretty great.

Unfortunately that picture killed my camera battery and I think I forgot my charger in Iwamizawa. Until then I can't take pictures so I didn't get any of this crazy week. After we rode back to Sapporo I met Elder Watabe and he gave me a bunch of AP training. Mostly computer stuff and a talk about what we do. After that we did transfer calls for the trainers! I got to tell Morgan E so that was cool. I was a little bit nervous at first, but the next day I got a lot more used to it and they went great. :D The next day was transfer calls and the rest of training. We also picked up the beans from the airport at night. There is a Vietnamese kid and he is going to Nemuro! I hope he can work with Van S a lot. They were super awesome. There are 9 nihonjin and 3 gaijin this time. Polynesian, Australian, and Viet. Pretty cool.

The next day was their training and all that great stuff. Thursday was transfers and all of the returning missionary stuff. Dinner, testimony meeting, etc. I'll actually spend my last time w/ Nakatsuka K so I'm glad I get to experience that once. Also this guy came to the honbu that one of the beans found with his trainer on his first hour of dendo. Pretty cool guy. Friday we sent the missionaries to the airport. We talked a lot in the car. My new comp Tomita E is sooo spiritual. I love the heck out of him. I feel more like a missionary with him than any other comp. He's way funny too. Friday night we got in some dendo time and found 2 WAY cool guys on the street and had pretty strong lessons w/ them. Sunday was great too. Kotoni ward is WAY bigger than anywhere I've been so far, but I've made a good relationship with most of the members so far. A lot of them had heard about me from other missionaries. After church we taught the recent convert Tadano Zen and that went great. Then we drove to some NAs before heading to a member's house for dinner. I will have to get my license renewed to drive here sooner or later!!! Anyway the member we visited used to dendo here and was in the same zone as me when I was a bean! The food was great. We got back and had baptismal reports and it was super busy but so fun!!!

I'm out of time, but I love you! I have been feeling the push and power of the spirit so much here!!!
Hutchinson Choro

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