Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/12 Dendo stories & surprises

Hey! So I have no email from Lauren and I even let my comp go first to see if it would come, but it didn't so that's lame... :( Well I read it in your letter cause I have to finish this and get going to dendo and stuff, but that's crazy good news!!! I'm sorry I didn't get to hear it directly from her email. Sounds like a way fun to let you guys know too!!! I wonder if you are right about it being a boy. Whooo another niece or nephew comin' up!

So yeah conference was sweet. Speaking of sharing it with investigators we have a way awesome one named Fukunaga (her name means eternal happiness. killer right?) who is 24 and crazy cool. The sister missionaries in another area found her and passed her to us because she lives here, but she is way cool and she came to every single session of conference. Every single one. We've only taught her one lesson so far and afterwards we talked to her about it and she said that she got really good feelings about it and help for her life! Yeah! So she is going to pray about it and I have pretty good vibes about that. So we watched it at the stake center in Shin-Sapporo in a little room. No worries about the *surprise announcement* Everyone had pretty much heard it from someone's mom. That's way cool though. I say it's about time girls get to go at 19 and everyone pretty much agrees there, but we also all agree that we think 18 years might die... haha not really but it's way neat and I'm excited for the world to be even more full of missionaries. Good luck waves going towards Adam and all the other people getting ready to serve and stuff. I'm definitely glad that I'm here and that I was patient through my year of college. It definitely made me more ready to be here. Also I was pretty sure I replied to Sarah within the last email I sent. haha If I reply to anyone personally go ahead and just leave it in the reg email.

I bet Mara's talk was cool! I'm way proud just hearing. Speaking and being confident is definitely way tricky. I think I could even work on it quite a bit. Sounds like a fun time at Grandma's too. Also, sounds like I left you high and dry as far as explanations of those pictures go hahaha... So that picture of me *teaching* was probably me singing as sisters in zion to be *initiated* The picture on my bike was an insane day of rain where the izarigawa (river name) was way overflowing. It was intense. I think I sent you a bunch of pictures of getting fed by members, one time was sushi (a ton) and the other time was probably 3 farms worth of tomatoes and pork cuts or something. Yesss. The picture of the bean is in a recent converts house and is me. Elder Hansen is very proud of the picture of me passed out with my journal. The picture with all the blue things is this cool rocket balloon thing they did at the game. Probably the most interesting that at that game. Let me know if you have any other picture related questions.

Wait, what are you mailing tomorrow? I hope there is deodorant. I don't need it for a while, but you might as well put it in if you're sending a package. I can't really think of stuff I need so I'm confused. I think I'll be alright with one suit coat since all my pants are black.

Sounds like a lot of rad stuff at home. Lots of getting ready for stuff and going places. Cool Adam got to go to that play. Sarah told me about it in her letter and sounds like it'll be way good. She told me about Emily being in it too. Must've been a lot of fun! You should have just went hahaha. I have definitely kept Uncle Merril in my prayers especially since I got the handwritten letter from you this week. I'll try really hard to find time to write back by hand too.

So this weeks dendo summary:
P-day was way sweet. Played some park golfage. Pretty fun. Like a cross between regular golf and mini golf. Then we hit the onsen which is the most comfortable thing ever. Then we had FHE at the bishop's house because it was his b-day. We had some way good food and taught a little lesson to their kids and stuff. Coolio. Next day was district meeting and a regular day of dendo. A lesson with this kid we contacted one of my first days here who could finally meet with us. Then we had Eikaiwa (English class) and an investigator showed up randomly afterwards who has been sick, and we gave her a blessing and had a really spiritual experience.
Wednesday we went to Chitose and met this old guy who was way nice, but just wanted to speak English the whole time and talked really slowly even when he spoke Japanese. We tried really hard to get the gospel in there... He kinda sucked our energy haha. The cool thing though is on the way there Elder Hansen and I were talking about how he met a guy riding a bike from the top of Japan to the bottom with all his possessions attached to his bike and stuff at the exact place we were riding. Then, we look over and lo and behold there is a guy who fit the description perfectly! We were so awestruck all we could say was *konnichiwa* as he passed by, but then we felt like we had to chase him down and we did. He was a way cool guy from Hong Kong and we got his email and stuff.

Thursday was just a crazy ton of planning and a lesson that went pretty good. Friday was going to Chitose again and not being able to meet with a bunch of people we wanted to and searching for this address that someone gave us one day. Saturday and Sunday were conference. Nuff said. So far on P-day it has just been regular. We taught a lesson to Nodoka again and she gave us origami and popcorn and a thank you note. She also rocked all the roleplay baptismal interview questions. Still a genius.

Anyways I love ya a ton and it's great here! Stay spiritually strong and keep showing your strong amazing examples! I've been resting enough and it's time to go dendo my heart out. Thanks a ton as always! Love ya bunches!!!

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