Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/21/12 "The work is going crazy good"

Hey! Time is going too fast huh? It's not too bad of weather today either, though there have been some way cold days lately. Rainy too. Fun that everyone is doing Ali's spook alley again. I wish I made time to go beforehand. Tell everyone hi for me :) They are going to have the primary program in the ward here soon too I think.

Cool Mara has been keepin' up and had some time to play with Lauren and the nieces. Way cool Adam made the improv group too! I'm glad he's getting stuff done. Oh boy I bet things are so crazy with Lauren getting ready for her little bebe. The pictures she sent are great! By the way, anyone from the family can email me whenever they want. It's not just mom... Anyways today is Pres Evans B-day so I don't have a lot of time. We have to get to the Honbu (mission office) and somehow fit all the normal p-day stuff in too. I want to apologize to everyone who sends me letters, because most of the time it is hard to find time to even sit down some p-days and even though I've gotten a lot of letters done it's even more tricky to find time to go to the post office. I don:t mean to sound complainy I just feel bad and hope no one is worrying that I forgot them etc.

Thanks for the news about Uncle Merril. I:ve been praying for him every night. The text from Joan especially brought a special spirit to my heart and I can feel our family ties all the way across the ocean :) Tell Joan thank you for the short but powerful story and that I'll keep praying for Uncle Merril. I am very happy to hear that Dad was able to give him another blessing and I know Uncle Merril has more great things to do as well.

Getting pictures with people is kinda hard because I never take my camera anywhere and it'd be really awkward to just ask people for their pictures. Not to sound complainy again, but I'm really stumped about it. We aren't supposed to take pictures often so we don't look like tourists either. I have my journal though and I'll for sure be able to get pictures at their baptisms ;)

The work is going crazy good. I feel like I have been improving a lot and overcoming a lot of my fears about speaking out and stuff like that. We have been teaching an English class every week since I got here. Guitar is getting volunteered to play at the Halloween party that we are planning for the ward, played after English class again, and then playing a cool arrangement of Our Saviors Love for a zone conference or something like that.

I get stuff from the mission office the second it gets there they send it to me. I will be looking forward to the package! I am going to try my best to reply to Lauren's email so that's all for today. Love you tons though!!! Aishitemasu!

Elder Hutchinson

P.S. a note from the letter to Lauren -
Thanks for the encouragement and comparing me to the Sons of Mosiah. They are the bomb. I still have for sure a lot of work to do, but I've definitely been seeing so many amazing miracles even as a bean. I want to work harder to lose my self more and let the spirit take over. Even though I get tired I feel good about it because of what I have accomplished and know it is all because of the Lord.

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