Monday, September 24, 2012

9/24/12 Re: Hello from everyone!

Hey! The group letter made my day! Way cool. Sounds like everyone is doing super good! Thanks for all the way cool pictures from Mara's b-day! Looks like it was a blast! That waffle tower looks especially awesome. Thanks for the great pictures of the two best nieces ever as well. It is fun to show the pictures I have in my little book to people every once in a while and they always love the pictures of them.

(These next parts are to everyone, but kinda mini individual responses)
Dave and Kait: I am glad that the girls are doing well and growing up right! Let me know how things are going and remember how much relying on the Lord pays off in the long run! The city is pretty awesome. The area I'm in is a pretty good balance between urban and rural which is cool. We of course go to Sapporo once in a while for stuff too which is a way huge city. Subway, 6 way crosswalks and all that good stuff. It is way cool and I wish you could see it. I hope work is going well and everything! Have you been doing any school lately?

Andrew and Lauren:
It is going awesome! I am going to try to send some pics from my comp's camera this time around, but I did fix mine so that;s good! I just forgot it again. The language is not too bad! I am pretty good as far as understanding goes, the hardest thing is speaking out fast enough. Like, i know grammar and words pretty well, still have a lot to learn of course, but just as tough as the language is knowing what I should say. The main thing is to get to the point where you can rely on the spirit and not stew on what and how you should say it in your mind eh? I figured that that was the problem with the card thingy... I probably should've just kept it and asked ya, but it probably wouldn't have fit in my luggage in the long run. I could definitely use it here though! If you can send it maybe some cds too would be good because i don't know how much they are here. Thanks a ton! Just the mission home address would be the best. My investigators are doing pretty awesome! We have a small family with a daughter who is 8 and loves the lessons and is getting baptized with her mom maybe next month if things work out! We actually just got back from teaching her a short simplified version of the word of wisdom and chastity. We also have another who pretty much just needs to solidify her testimony of Joseph Smith and could be in the water Saturday if everything worked out perfect! We definitely do lots of all sorts of types of dendo, it seems like we house (knock doors... er... ring doorbells and talk to people through intercoms) the most, but the most effective for sure has been phone dendo because they are all people who have had interest at one point! Funny that you bring up talents because I got a hold of a guitar and we are going to try doing guitar dendo which will be WAY fun if we can! Of course we can we just need to practice for it and find good places. I think it will bring the spirit for sure and I have actually been able to sing and play for other things that we've done and it's been way neat. I am way glad that the temple has been good for you! I can just imagine how awesome of a temple worker you are because you always put your heart into everything and do it with a happy spirit. I know everyone involved appreciates the attitude you have for that work and feels the spirit strong because of it. I am mega excited for you to be looking for a home! I will pray for ya for sure. Please send pictures when you find a winner. Love ya!!!
o genki de! matta ne! ai shiteimasu!

Lily (our dog):
Hey! I'm glad your teeth cleaning and surgery went well! Stay happy and get well soon! There are lots of cool dogs around here. Lots of Corgis too for some reason! They are nice and cute and sometimes a good way to start conversations!

I'm glad your birthday was fun! Looks like school has been going awesome too! Sounds busy! Do you still have time for fun? Make sure to tell me about seminary! How have scriptures been too? No worries about sending a big letter, but I'll be excited for anything! haha Of course boys are stupid! Cars are too! :) Keep being an amazing teenager and be obedient! I wish people told me that more around that time. I'm glad you are on such a good track right now. Love you! Don't turn 16 too fast!

Hey! The baseball game was great! Glad you got my letter too. I didn't really look too much at the food (at the baseball game), but there are legit full restaurants there too. Ramen, etc. That's crazy Ferrin is leaving Wednesday! Frisbee is fun too and he will have tons of time to play at the MTC even though you can't play ultimate. Basketball there is pretty good too actually. Definitely work on staying in shape as much as you can. It's worth it! I think everyone will appreciate your letters for sure. Did they ever get the letters I sent them? Josh, Ferrin, Michael? Make sure to make fun of them for not writing me back if they did get them.
Peace out and have fun in college! (not too much) Love ya

Sounds like it's been busy! I'm so jealous that ya got to see the Brigham City Temple dedication! Lots of memories of driving past it. I can't wait to see how the temple here grows with time! Why was there no church? Did you go somewhere? Sounds like Mara got great stuff, but keep her away from drivers ed for now! haha Scary to think she'll almost be 17 when I get back!

The canyons are WAY beautiful, but the leaves haven't changed at all yet. I fixed the camera and i just had to charge the battery. No worries there. Sounds so cool that Jake is going to Uganda! It's a really good fit for him I think. I will maybe try to write Josh soon too. I almost forgot I told you I wanted cereal haha! Probably something healthy. Life maybe? The more filling the better. They also have no wheat bread here. If you do send candy send something that I could give away easily. People here really like getting things like American candy as gifts.
That is way cool that you got to see the fireside!!! It was way rad to play with Elder Rodenberg. He is a boss and has a way good voice. I'm glad everyone else got to see it as well. I hope to do more with the guitar here when I have time.

I am very proud of you too because you have such a huge strong testimony and love for the Lord that has helped me to get this far and get my testimony on its feet too. I think there are only two ways to serve a mission. All in or not and I am going to do everything I can to be all in. It is not about me for sure and my goal is to forget myself and put everything in the Master's hands. I have been reading Jesus the Christ lately and it has been really good to focus on Christ specifically when I have study time. I have been able to seen many miracles and spiritual experiences, but I hope that you are having them there as well. I am glad you are being blessed and that everyone else is sending prayers as well. They help more than they know. Thank you for your good example of hard work in the ward too. Keep smiling and being the welcoming Christ-like example you have always been. I hope to be like you in my selflessness as a missionary. Love you.

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