Tuesday, July 31, 2012

7/31/12 Only 3 More P-days left!!!

Hey everyone! I got the awesome package yesterday after dinner! Thanks a ton! The pictures are great! If you could though I would really like a picture with my electric guitar, maybe one from college or any others that are good pictures. Also the picture of my long hair I want to show people. Thanks for telling me when everyone comes in even though they all do so two to three weeks after I leave :( Speaking of friends I have been seeing Mikey Unsworth a lot and Sam Bush just arrived last Wednesday and lives two apartments down from me! It has been way fun to have him around to chat with and exercise with at gym time. Brings back memories. Plus now I have more of a reason to use the running shoes ya sent! Hmmm... Yeah Cash sent me a dearelder and I was super happy to get it, but I don't recall 100% right now whether or not it had his house number on it, but If not I'll give that number you sent a shot!!!

That makes sense about the Auditor job. I bet it's a lot of fun working with and helping them though. Good luck and keep going! I pray for you to be happy and be able to work hard. Thank you so so much! That's nice they gave you a gift card too. Non MTC food sounds great now, but hey! The temple finally reopened last Wednesday so I can go today for the first time in 5 weeks! It has been lame not being able to go. Thanks for the super good pictures you sent in the email too. Livy and Mya look so awesome and fun as usual. Mya's silly smile is the best. That is crazy how quick Livy is growing up too. It is going to be awesome when I come back and they are able to say and do even more neat things. I'm glad Mya is being a good helper too.

Good old family parties at Missy's nice house! Did they have a pool there too? It must have been really cool and I send my love to everyone too. Please let me know about any big family news from them.

Thanks for telling me about the missionaries in your ward! How is the Salt Lake West mission going??? I can actually view the missionaries who are in the ward from here via the ward directory thing on LDS.org. They seem like great guys. That's so cool one is from Austria! I wonder how long ago it was they were here in the MTC. Hearing missionary stories is always really cool and inspiring. Some of my favorites are in PMG, but the scriptures really have the best ones of all! Speaking of which those new scriptures have been neat and definitely are nicer to read, but It is kinda weird moving to a set with absolutely no markings and starting from scratch! I am thinking it will probably help me to notice more neat things within the scriptures too so I'm excited. I think I will have to send my old ones back before I leave though which is sad because I have a lot of good markings in them from all these years. I really love that explanation that you shared from Bro. Nordfelt. I knew he liked the song when I asked him if we could sing it. We actually sang it in sacrament meeting in Japanese a few weeks ago and I made it all the way through that time. Haha! The explanation really helps it to make more sense and I hope I can remember it well especially as I read or sing through the song. Please do your best to keep the lower lights going back home :)

I'm sorry you couldn't find the pamphlets! You really didn't have to buy them since they have some at the MTC I could've bought. I just thought I'd get the one that I already had, but thanks anyways! Yeah the Japanese Bible is interesting eh? Did you see the cover with the sheep and the grapes on the front? It is not too bad actually. Still pretty hard to read, but I am getting there. They use different language and advanced uncommon words once in a while. The size of the letters isn't the hardest thing at all. They actually have triples and bibles that you can only buy in Japan that are about half the size that I am probably for sure going to get eventually when I am there because the Japanese triple they gave me here is way big.

I'm glad Adam is doing well home teaching! That's one fun thing that I miss a bit. It was especially cool in the singles ward. I really made a good bond with the apartment I home taught! It's so cool how that friendship can build and help the message you share to apply more. That's one of the most important things about being a missionary. When I get to Japan I am going to be teaching and helping my best friends come unto Christ. That's just how it is. I even feel like some of my pretend investigators here at the MTC are my friends just from the spiritual growth I am going through with them.

Thanks for refraining from sending goodies. I have been working out harder lately, but nevertheless I have put on a bit of invisible weight. Nothing too bad, but enough to make me want to watch what I eat. It doesn't help that the cookies are one of the only things at the MTC that's consistently good, but I have been eating salads more often.

As for things here the new Kohai have been pretty cool. There are three more going to Sapporo. It seems like Sapporo always has the least amount, but that probably just means that there were a lot of them a while ago. I am so excited to go though. Not this Wednesday, but next, we will get new Nihonjin and I'm so excited you don't even know! If they weren't coming I don't know how I would make it three more weeks... haha. Well teaching and learning Japanese have been coming more and more too. I don't think I will be able to leave early at all even though they tested me and I was above where you need to be to leave early I think they want me to stick around to keep learning (which is good and feasible) and help out the other missionaries. It's cool and I understand. I am just so psyched to get to Japan.

Love everyone lots and thanks so much for the letters! Make sure that everyone knows that they are welcome to the blog!

kokoro kara ai shiteimasu!
hacchinson chourou

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