Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7/17/12 Time is going by!

Hutchinson Choro (far right) with the Nihonjin

Ai suru kazoku! (My beloved family!)

Thank you for the pictures and letters as always. They are a great strength to me and keep me on my feet during the sometimes long and slow days here at the MTC. Mya and Livy look great and that's amazing that Livy is learning so fast too! I'm glad you like the pictures I sent too. I have everyone's name written down somewhere so hopefully I should be fine as far as that goes :) Everyone here is pretty awesome although more than half of everybody left on Monday morning including the Nihonjin... :( They are probably the best friends I have made at the MTC so far even though I wasn't quite fluent in speaking with them. I definitely learned a lot from them about God's love and how it really transcends boundaries like language and what not. I learn that more and more every time I bear testimony, teach, or pray in Japanese. They also helped my Japanese to get better. Kindness definitely overflows from them as well. They gave lots of gifts (ties, food, and a Japanese alarm clock) and thoughtful kind words. The morning they left I found the alarm clock on my desk with a note from one of the nihonjin that said "I LOVE YOU Hutchinson!" and the rest was in Japanese. It felt like a part of me left when they left. I can't even imagine how hard it will be to leave Japan, but I will be happy to be with you all again too. I miss them a lot and it is really quiet and kind of boring now, but next Wednesday we are supposed to get our kohai (new missionaries) so that should make things interesting again! What do you want to know about the other people in my district/comp? From my district there are just 2 other sapporo missionaries and 3 sendai missionaries. We also have 2 sisters going to kobe, but there are a ton of other missionaries going to kobe, tokyo, nagoya, and a few to fukuoka in the other districts.

Sounds like Mara had a ton of fun at camp! Adam looks very mature in the group picture. Also the trail looks amazing! It must have been ultra fulfilling to see that huge change done by your own hands eh? The pie sounds sooo yummy right now. Lots of people complain about the food here on a regular basis. It's definitely not the worst, but I miss your cooking and lack of fried greasy stuff. Home movies sound fun though. I was a pretty crazy child! I'm so excited for Mara and Adam to go to Trek. Make sure they write in journals while they are there so that they can remember the good experience.

Speaking of journals, I lost the one you gave me. I was pretty much devastated because it was a really nice journal and was a record of my first few weeks in the MTC not to mention your encouraging note on the inside. I have checked lost and founds for it constantly, but I am going to have to buy a new one :( I am also still really wanting to buy a new set of scriptures since they are a really good deal here ($40) and I want to start a new marking style in them. I thought I would ask if it's ok, but whatever you think is the best to do I understand! Please let me know soon through dear elder. Also there is a really cool thing in Provo called postmart where you can send packages to the MTC for FREE! From what I have heard you just drop it off and it gets to me the day of or the day after and I can do the reverse too! You should have dad look into it. That way if you ever wanted to send me a package again dad could just drop it off while in Provo.

This week was hot, but the rain was fun. There are covers all over all the MTC pathways so I didn't get too wet. I hope you can still get the yardwork done! I wish I was there to help sometimes. We have service once a week, but all we do is clean toilets and vacuum for one hour.

That is so cool that you are getting going on your new job! You will probably learn and get in the groove of things there way fast. You are a good teacher and good example of how to do things right. Trust me I know! You have been such an awesome mom and I know you will be awesome at teaching others in your job as well :) Keep doing your best with your primary kids too! I am also so grateful for dad and the incredibly thoughtful and kind response he wrote to me. It really uplifted me and reminded me of how strongly not only dad loves me, but how strongly Heavenly Father and Christ love me and are proud of me. Even though I am not the best missionary I can be yet and I still have a lot to learn, He is proud of me and trying to lift me to be better and overcome the trials I face here. As I understand and teach about Christ more, I can feel my testimony grow and can start to understand how Christ really is the center of this gospel. As I read the Book of Mormon more I understand its immense power and spirit and why it is essential. Pray, read, and attend church with all of your heart and you can receive revelation that will guide you and bless you. Don't take it for granted and truly, earnestly seek answers. I love you all so much and know this church is true more than anything else that I have ever known in my life.

Ai shite imasu! I love you!!!
Hutchinson Choro

P.S. Please thank Jeff Johnson for his letter again. It is so thoughtful of him to send me the church program and kind note every now and then. He has such a strong testimony and I know that Heavenly Father is proud of the work he does in being kind to others and fulfilling his calling with all his heart.

P.P.S. Also if you do plan on sending anything, please no food... I have a drawer packed with food I inherited from the departing missionaries and I don't know what I am going to do with all of it yet.

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