Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7/10/12 I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Hey! I am glad that everyone has been getting my letters alright. To any of my friends that read this on the blog that I haven't written yet I am way sorry and will try to soon, but If you let me know through dearelder or a short note then you'll pretty much be guaranteed!

The pictures you emailed me worked perfectly! Thanks so much! Once I am done I am going to test out Andrew's cd maker thingy and send a cd of all the pictures I have so far! Most of them are just at the temple with the other missionaries, but I'll see what I can do about getting more. The ironing board in my hall is too big to matrix on so I am not 100% sure if I will be able to get legit looking pictures with it :( I will send the cd today for sure though!!! I am really happy that people are reading and checking the blog. Like I said if anyone comments are anything please dearelder or email it to me.

The Nihonjin are the coolest. They did really appreciate the cookies and and like most American food, but they miss their Japanese food a lot. (They also really want to see a picture of me with long hair so you should send a copy of the one I took before I cut it before college) I usually sit with them in lunch and try to talk with them about whatever and they are WAY nice and cool and funny. One of them gave me an awesome tie today and another one is going to draw some cool pictures of my missionary handbook cover. I am going to miss them a TON when they leave next Monday with the senpai missionaries. It will be lonely. There will be a whole week and a half where we will be 'alone' on our floor before we get our kohai and we become the new senpai.

As far as things to send me go please just send that picture thing you were talking about (including the long hair and guitar pictures of course!) It sounds really awesome. More granola bars would be cool too. No more cookies though please. I have already gained like 5 or 7 pounds from all the greasy fat that we eat here. You can't tell at all, but I am pretty much eating salads from now on. Just to be safe ;) If you can find them I think I forgot my cool Japanese socks that Gary gave me. Send those too.

I am way excited about Dallin! I wish I could see him and hear his awesome mission stories. I am excited to be bad at English when I get back! ;) The spirit is definitely the most important thing. Without it you are pretty much just talking. As a missionary you are never the real teacher, the spirit is. We have been learning a lot about that and receiving revelation through prayer, the book of mormon, and church. They are really cool lessons and really help me to remember the missionary purpose to invite others to come unto Christ. It's cool to hear the talks and workshops. They have different topics, but they all focus on that. It's cool to realize that when you teach someone what you are really doing is watching someone discover Christ for themselves through what you give and teach them.
Glad to hear that your primary class is still doing well though! Why is there only one kid?? Also please send me a picture of my plaque when you can. I think that will be cool to see. If anyone at Church asks about me and wants to hear from me please let me know!

That's way exciting about the Dunns! Tell Austin and Juli congrats for me!!! It must have been lots of fun to visit with them. I wish I could've been there to hear the cool stories about the Evans and stuff. Plus see that cool view! I am way excited to meet the Evans and have actually run into a few people at the MTC and while visiting the temple that knew the Dunns and Evans because they lived with them in Japan too! One of my senseis said she actually used to get rides to places with Connor sometimes! Coolio.

The pictures of Mya and Livy made my day! I wish I could play with them and I hope that I'll able to play with them lots when I get back! I can just hear her singing hahah.

I am very very proud of Adam for getting his eagle project together. That sounds like an awesome story and I wish I could've helped and walked the trail and stuff. Please give him a high five and hug for me. As far as Discover goes I say just try to continuously have a good attitude and don't get discouraged when there are lots of calls or when people on the other side are stupid and complain because they have bad credit scores and blah blah blah. The main thing is that if you can stay the whole day in that office chair without getting restless than you will probably do very well. Just follow the rules and all that stuff. There is definitely a lot of sitting here at the MTC too and it really wears on me. I can't wait to walk around all day!!!!! Make sure Adam has an awesome birthday too. I wish I could think of something cool to send him... does he want anything church related? I can definitely get that kind of stuff here.... haha. Regarding short sleeve shirts my comp didn't bring any so I just have to wear my long sleeves all the time since you have to have matching sleeves. It's not too hot though.

Sorry that the kanji isn't coming though! I don't remember exactly what I sent, but it's usually just aishiteimasu which means I love you and hacchinson chourou which you can probably guess what that is :)

As for scripture study what I have been doing is reading the Book of Mormon from the very beginning and trying to imagine that I am someone who has never even heard about God or Jesus Christ before other than what a missionary might have told them on the street. I want to be able to relate to the people I teach as much as possible and in turn I am understanding the Book of Mormon and the scriptures even more! It's a cool idea and I really like it.

Sometimes I feel like it has been way more that 4 weeks, but sometimes I still feel like I just barely got here too. I am doing my best to learn as much as possible from the MTC and be ok with having to wait so long even though my Japanese is better than almost all of the senpais already...

Anyways I'm a little bit overtime so I'll talk to you next week! :)
Hacchinson Chourou

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