Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7/24/12 Hey!

Hey! I got an email from Joseph today and I wanted to reply to it so I have a bit less time to email ya today, but I will be fast and write a letter too if i don't get everything in!!!

I am so excited Mara got to go (to trek) and had fun! Did she write any of it in a journal? If not you should encourage her to so that she can remember the awesome memories and spiritual experiences. That is such a neat opportunity that the ward got to have though. It must have been a really good and cool experience to be in the sacrament meeting afterwards though. That's totally unfair about the guitar stuff... No one ever asked me to play guitar in church :( JK! It's alright! Must've been fun though. One time I went to a really awesome fireside where one of Sis. Nordfelt's cousins came who is a pro musician who writes EFY songs and stuff came and spoke/played which was way neat.

Wow! So is auditor I higher than auditor II? That's so neat that you are actually training so many people! I can't wait to get to Japan to meet my first trainer and maybe someday train a new missionary too! I am glad that they are sharp and are learning well! It is probably because of your awesome teaching!!! So Adam is done with training already? Holy cow! Here come the fireworks then! Good luck to him! Speaking of fireworks, what are you doing for pioneer day? I hope he had fun at Batman too. That is one of the movies I am excited to see when I get back! I have a bad memory, so please let me know what exact dates Ferrin, Josh, Michael, etc are leaving if you can!

I am pretty sure those pamphlets are in the top drawer of my blue dresser. If not it's okay, but I think they would be fun to study and maybe use in a lesson where I want to teach more about Joseph Smith. I think I probably will need the new shoes eventually because I have only been using the old shoes since arriving here and by the end of two years I think the other pair will run out for sure. It would just stink if the nice shoes ran out while I was in Japan and I couldn't get new ones/they would cost a lot to send. Whatever you think is okay with me.Thanks for sending the card back! I did buy another one here at the MTC bookstore so I should be alright :) I will try to get more pictures and send it one more time. Are you going to try the postmart place in Provo to send my package?

Thanks so much for the awesome talk from Dieter Uchtdorf though. I feel like it relates to me a ton. Being the middle child as well I feel like I am in the middle a lot, but it is such a good thing! Thanks for the sweet pictures too! The picture of Adam is from his play right? Feel free to send more than 3 pictures per email if you'd like. And PLEASE send pictures in book form or whatever form with my package like you said you were making a while ago. I really want to have that if you can get it ready soon.

Also I bought my new scriptures and they are cool! Just plain black triple and bible with no tabs, but I kinda like 'em a lot that way.

Thanks for the prayers and I love love love you! I can definitely feel the prayers and I don't know what I'd be doing without the support of so many incredible people that love and care about me. I have had strong promptings from the Holy Ghost that he will lead me where I need to go. I have been feeling a lot lately like I should go to Japan sooner than August 27th, but I am going to talk to the Branch Pres. about it if I can. Please pray that whatever is supposed to work out will work out. Please also pray for my companion.

Aishiteimasu!!! :D

kokoro kara, hacchinson chourou

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