Tuesday, August 7, 2012

8/7/12 :)

Hi!!! How is everything??? I am doing well. The Nihonjin came last night, but I won't be able to meet them until probably tonight. So crazy! I have been thinking about everybody lots too. Thanks for the awesome pictures! It might be good if you resized them and made them smaller. That way you could send me more and they don't take up the whole screen when I view them. The pictures of Olivia her head was as big as the whole screen! I am glad that you have had lots of time to play with them. I am excited to see the drawing from Mya! That is neat about Ashton too. Baptisms are so great and it is so cool to learn more and more/teach about its importance. Cool for Raleigh too! Thanks for letting me know whenever people ask about me. Lucky Lauren and Andrew!!! I am not digging Utah summer much right now. I have been pretty dry... :( I'm sorry that you got sick though! I have probably enough vitamins to get me through the rest of the MTC, but I'm not sure. I have a lot of things I am planning to send back. Other than vitamins I definitely need soap again. I'm down to one bar. It won't be as bad in Japan because I have to shower at least two times a day here because of gym being in the middle of the day.

The olympics sound cool, but I guess I'm not super interested in them. Japan has been doing awesome in soccer from what the teachers have been saying though! I'm excited for whatever other pics you want to send too. Please include some of me when I was little and that one I asked about with the long hair. I will probably send another card soon. Good luck scrapbooking and have fun! Having stuff from Adam's Court of Honor will be great too.

What do you want to know about the MTC? On p-day I wake up way early because the laundry room is crazy busy and I want to be able to email while the laundry is in because it's the only place you can email in regular clothes. Then I eat b-fast and go to the temple. After that I study for an hour in class then the rest of the day is just studying Japanese and writing letters. My district is fine. The new missionaries are alright. I hang out with Sam a lot. At least every time we have Gym. We've been running again too and it feels great. There are only 12 nihonjin which is like a third of what there were before, but it is at least something. Two of them are going to Sapporo!!!

Crazy Adam.. haha I think about that car sometimes. How is it holding up? Thanks for letting me know about dean's list too. I am still really wanting to go to BYU when I get back so I'm glad grades are supporting there. Good like to Adam! That's nice he could get into 2nd level English! It's the hardest class of all to get into at USU.
Thanks for telling me Pres. Nordgren's thought and sharing that awesome scripture. I really really love switching my name into scriptures sometimes! (Mom's note: It was Helaman 10:4-5)

Oh, also I got a package last P-day from one the past Nihonjin that I became really good friends with. Guess how much he spent to send it? Almost forty dollars in yen! It was full of tons of Japanese candy (pocky, reverse pocky, squid jerky, salmon jerky, little spicy crackers, hi chew, everything!) and the wrappers are really cool and funny. I can't wait to send pictures. He also sent a cool picture and note in Japanese telling me how great the work is going and that he gets to baptize someone! I hope I can become as good of a friend with the new Nihonjin!

Well... Off to more laundry!
Love you all!
minnasan aishiteimasu! :) :) :)
Hacchinson chourou

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