Wednesday, August 29, 2012

8/28/12 I am here and safe and happy!!!

Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't have much time to talk at the airport! I'm really glad that I was able to. We had to hurry a lot from there on out. It was so great though! The airplane was one of the coolest things ever!!! The one from Utah to LA was the best for sure. It was a lot smaller of a plane and the flight was shorter too. One of the coolest experiences of my life for sure! When we took off I was so excited! I felt like a little kid hahah. My mouth was wide open for at least the first half hour because I just couldn't believe how amazing it was! Seeing the whole valley and then seeing ABOVE THE CLOUDS was thee most amazing thing! The flight from LA to Tokyo was on a super huge plan and wasn't quite as fun because it was so long and crowded, but still not bad! I did my best not to sleep on the plane so that it would be easier to deal with the jet lag and so far I think it worked. I got a lot of studying done too. Airports are pretty interesting as well. Arriving in Japan was the coolest thing! The airport wasn't as overwhelming as I anticipated it to be (lots of English friendly signs etc.), but still so neat! Oh man, I wish you could feel/taste the air here! It is so neat! I love it a lot. Pretty humid and soo clean! We hurried around there for a bit and made it on our flight to Sapporo just as it started to get dark. The plane to Sapporo was not very full of people at all so I got to spread out a bunch. I dozed off a bit on that one, but it wasn't too bad. Once we arrived at the airport in Sapporo we got our bags and the Evans were there to greet us. It was so great! They are WAY cool!

Sister Evans is so peppy and lots of fun. Evans Kaicho (president) is really cool and chill as well. Sister Evans asked lots about my experience and interests with music and talked about how they do lots of music things here for stake activities etc. that missionaries participate in/talent shows and how she is really excited. We went and ate miso ramen at one of the shops in the airport and it was fantastic! Kind of funny too because they were playing old country music in the restaurant. After that we drove to the mission home which is about an hour away and I didn't sleep on the way there either. Hokkaido is pretty much the most beautful place in the world hands down. Even though it was pretty dark on the drive I was able to see lots of the city and areas around. There are lots of 7-11s! hahah! Everything is so neat though! The buildings, cars, people, all soo cool! I am so excited to be able to explore and meet and find! We arrived at the home and I got to sleep on a futon! They are great! It isn't what I first imagined. Basically a thin-ish mattress type thing that you fold when you aren't using and just lay on the floor when you do use it. Way smart! Saves lots of space too. I think I would compare it to a super thick down comforter hahaha.

This morning we woke up and I looked out the window to see the city. It's so amazing. I still can't believe that I am actually in Japan! We got ready and everything and went to the Evans' side of the home for breakfast and a bit of hanging out. Evans Shimai made some WAY yummy french toast stuff that had walnuts and also this yummy fruit dish that had these cool jelly things that Japanese people eat a lot. Way cool! Talked a bit more about music and things like that afterwards too. After that we went back to the other side and had some training from the missionaries at the home about finding and stuff like that. It was great! We also got training about money and the crazy garbage schedule/method here in Japan. I got my Japanese badge and meishi(business cards with my name and info etc) that are way awesome! I will take pics to send. After that I found out about my first area and trainer!!!!!! My trainer is named Elder Hansen and he is super awesome. He is from Ogden and lived in Japan for five years when he was young. He is way funny and super good at Japanese. The area I'm serving in is.......... ENIWA!!!! It means "blessed garden" and is the city that the airport was in! It's going to be soo amazing! Elder Hansen also served there before so he knows the area well which is good. After that we watched a really awesome video about the Sapporo Temple (which so far looks like it will be done after I come home :( That's ok though! I can always come back, eh? :)) and talked more about important things in serving and about training. That's everything so far though! Please reply soon! I don't know when my P-day is yet, but I'll let ya know for sure.

Thanks so much for being so amazing and helpful and encouraging and for your prayers. I know I need them and they help me often! I can often feel the spirit strongly and the presence of Grandpa Price and Grandpa Hutchinson helping me and encouraging me. I know this is the Lord's inspired work and I am ready to do everything possible for it. I know that the Savior lives and knows each and everyone of us personally because of the miracle that is the Atonement. I know that His doctrine is the only way that we can inherit eternal life and happiness in the Celestial Kingdom of God. God hears and prayers and loves us more than we can know. Through the book of Mormon I continually receive answers to my prayers and revelation that is important for me to know. On the airplane I read Mosiah chapter 26 a few times because I just opened the Book of Mormon to the first place I saw and it is an amazing chapter. I don't have my scriptures with me, so I don't have the exact verse, but it is about Alma being asked to judge the people that have transgressed and so he asks the Lord for help and the answer that he gets is just so powerful. Please give it a read if you have time. Maybe as a family if you can. I hope that you are having time to have FHE often. I feel bad that I didn't do more to help make it happen. I'm so grateful for the miracle that is this gospel. As the Lord's servant I testify that this gospel is true and the most important thing that we can strive to understand and learn in this life.

I love you!!! Cheers from Japan!!!
Aishiteimasu! Keep working hard and good luck with everything!
-Hacchinson Chourou

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