Wednesday, August 15, 2012

8/14/12 Closer, closer!!

Hey everyone! Love ya tons and tons! Thanks for Connor's awesome letter! That is way exciting! We have actually practiced street contacting a few times here and it is really fun! Tricky in Japanese, but I'm getting the hang of it!

Thanks for the picture of Dave, Kait, Mya, and Livy playing in the water! Looks lots of fun! I am excited to swim when I get home hahaha. Cool inspirational running picture too!

Glad you are having a good week so far! Do you still get to babysit the nieces and the dogs pretty often? How is the house? Done anything new?
I will definitely be there very proud of him in spirit (when Adam is ordained an elder). I am glad you could go to relief society and have a good lesson! The gospel really is spreading. There are so many missionaries here and it's way crowded especially at meals, but it is so cool. Someone said 2700 missionaries or something like that, but someone else said it was 5k one time. Wow! So cool that so many young people and couples are doing the right thing. I feel proud you put up a pin for me! Yes I leave on the 27th as far as I know, but I will definitely inform you right away because I get my travel plans this Friday!!! I also get to be a host on Wednesday and I'm mondo excited for that.

Yeah the Nihonjin are sweet! There are not very many this time though. 12 in all. 4 elders only. They are great though! 2 of the Elders are going to Sapporo. There are really nice! I usually hang out and talk with them at meals and on Sundays. The elder that sent me the package was Elder Furukawa. He is the bomb! He writes me emails every week too. I don't know exactly how to best describe him, but I got a few pics with him that you have. The squid jerky is awesome. There is also an eel jerky one too that is way yummy!

What wonderful ward members and friends we have! Thank Jeana Speirs lots for me! I think I am good on money as of right now, but having some on the card will be good at anytime. Please let everyone know I'm doing great and am excited! Also tell them about the blog if you like. Sam Bush is going to Fukuoka!

I am very happy to be a greenie because I think that it will be the most motivation to grow and work harder+develop really good habits. In Japan they call greenies "bean-chans" like green beans haha. Also your first trainer is known as your Mom so he'll have a pretty high name to live up to!

I got Lauren's letter with the pin and it is great! I'll try to write her today. Thanks for sending the pictures and yes I've been enjoying my hymnbooks for a long time now :)
Anyways I'm over time on my email so I'm going to put in this list of things I probably need before I go.

Umbrella (forgot to bring I think)

I can't really think of anything else, but here is what I'll prob send back.
Black tie from Dave's first day because I want Adam to wear it his first day too!
Maybe Hair Dryer
Some Shorts
Old Scriptures and papers

anyways love everyone tons and tons!!!!
Hacchinson Chourou

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