Sunday, March 9, 2014

3/9/14 My new Okinawa buddy and lots of snow. Still.

Hey! I'm glad my letter was well received. I always feel like I'm in such a hurry sometimes. I can't believe everyone went home too. Crazy. Andersen E and Morgan E are still around as well of course. It's funny that of all my companions I've only had 3 who are younger than me one being my bean, one being Andersen E (one transfer below me) and my new companion Nishime E! (he is two below me). So I feel like I've never really been a normal senior yet haha. So far we have had a lot more dendo time so we'll see how everything goes. I'm pretty sure the music from the fireside should be posted soon... hmmm. I'll ask Evans shimai! Sounds like if you go to Pres. and Sis Evans' page you might be able to see one song. It should be about a week before everything is up.

I can definitely find washi tape for you. That stuff is everywhere. Good luck with your BoM challenge! I'm rooting for you! We have been having crazy Old Testament lessons lately as well. Smiling is going good too. I get along pretty good with Nishime E. He is a great missionary with lots of skills, but he is a tiny bit quiet sometimes. He is a great zone leader. You said you were going to post something from Sis. Evans? You also said you had a picture of Lily. Haha thanks for the girls pics as well. I feel like those girls get their picture taken all the time. I'm jealous of your sunny days. It'll get warm here and melty for a bit, but then freeze and snow all over again. Just when I was making plans to send my winter stuff back... haha.

I got a short letter from Mara and it sounds like she's doing good. I am WAY stoked that the Fullmers are going on a mission! They are just way too cool. So many miracles. I'm so happy. Please keep in touch with them. I am really excited to meet them again. How long will they be serving for? I can't think of anything I want in a package... I've officially given up chocolate for a while at least. It makes me sick. Literally. I haven't gone too long, but I feel better already :) Here's the week.

Monday was doing some finish up shopping with Dixon E and a bunch of finding. Tuesday we had DTM and it went way good. Spurling E had Dixon E and Smith S do two mini workshops and then he did one so it ended up that we had 3 chances to roleplay and it was awesome. We got our transfer calls and I also found out that one of my fav missionaries Sakamura E is going to Nemuro! He was a little nervous at first, but I'm happy he gets to go. We had lunch together and played a fun game that Dixon E and I made up. Then we went home and did a bit of finding and a bit of phone calls. Wednesday was eating lunch with the Okuizumi family then being taken to this big indoor garden for a sec. They dropped us off and we did some finding and Eikaiwa advertising. We also did a ton of phone dendo and found some interested people. Thursday we headed to the transfer spot and I met Nishime E and the new beans. We headed back, had DKK, planned for the zone, then went to Eikaiwa. Thankfully Nishime E is a boss at English (he wants to go to byu) so he taught the kids' class. It was my first time in a long time not teaching kids' class.

Friday was pretty good! All finding! We walked and knocked and had lots of fun. It was way colder than I thought it would be since it was warm the week before. The next day we went to Bibai and it was the same thing though we focused on old investigators. We taught the Takeuchi family again and they were good, they just have some really interesting beliefs right now. They love to hear the message, but not big on acting right now. Plus they live super far away. Last off was Sunday which was fun as well. Tochizaki S (the sign language sister) told me about her daughter (who is not a member and lives in Sapporo). She said she might move in with her soon and maybe try coming to church! That would be way cool. There is also a member (Kaneko B) who is way awesome who is having an open house that anyone can come to and he is making all the food. He invited everyone to come with friends so it'll be a good opportunity for members to introduce friends to missionaries and other members. We also found out that our ZTM is on Saturday so we have to prepare right away! Evans S is doing a mini fireside in Asahikawa as well so it's connected with that. That's where we are though! Thanks so much and love you tons! Find lots of ways to make missionary work happen :D You're already doing a big one helping Adam and me out.

Hutchinson Choro

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