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3/23/14 Wakkanai part 3 and other stuff

Hey! Thanks for the mail! First off, Ueda B (who was baptized recently) was this guy I taught like three times in Toyohira before I transferred. He ended up getting baptized and being really strong after I left. He looks like Spock from Star Trek :) That's interesting you got a letter about picking me up! I've known about the date being July 11 for a long time.

I'm doing my best to balance stuff with resting and riding trains, but the hardest trip is already done so it should be chill from here. Adam said in his letter he just finished his first transfer...? What? I've had almost five transfers since he left. Do they count them different there? He's already had multiple companions too right?

Sounds like you're getting stuff done at Dave's way fast! My help might be unnecessary haha. That's cool Brother Woodbury is still doing well! He's great. Sounds like Mara will probably be in Madrigals too then haha. Hope she has fun!

SO this week was a slow p-day where afterwards we found with a member after praying with her. We shared a message with her about praying together for missionary opportunities or just opportunities to help others. We have been trying to do that a lot because up til now I felt like we didn't get to do much with the members here. March is especially busy for Japan for some reason...

Tuesday was crazy. We ran to Ebetsu for DTM and left early to make a train to Wakkanai. We left at 11:56 and got there at 6:10. Not as long as Nemuro was, but still tiring. Your knees get really sore for some reason. Maybe it's the height of Japanese seats. Upon arrival we did some housing and then gave a b-day present to the recent convert Shibuya B. He's so fun. The next day was yet another split with Yoshikawa E. The weather was so nice and I could see Saharin! (Russia) I got a picture completing my Russia collection. We just found a lot and visited PIs (previous investigators?). Then we went to institute which was fun as usual. Shibuya B sang a hymn in his crazy opera voice. It was great.

The next morning we headed home and had a clean check from the Hansens. After that we had DKK and found out that almost all of our investigators are busy until the middle of April. We made lots of plans to find and also plans to show love to our zone! We are going to make a zone shepherd! (the magazine like thing we get every transfer from the mission, but just for our zone!) It's hard to help out when all the other missionaries are so far away and we can only go on splits once... Then we had Eikaiwa and ate yakiniku with some students.

Friday was a finding day! We went all over finding and did some more praying with members. It was really cold, but went well and I slept great. Saturday we went by Bibai to visit an NA and check up on the PIs there. Turns out we might not be going again for a while, but I think it's a nice place. It's small like Nemuro. One of the PIs was really into space, history, and aliens. Kinda fun. At night we came back to Iwamizawa and went out to eat ramen with an old investigator. He is just a guy who was friends with the missionaries. He wasn't super interested in the message at first, but there are 2 missionaries that I know that are serving here now that used to be investigators like that (Ishiga E and Chiba E) I don't know if we'll focus on him, but we can keep that friendship up. We ate ramen not fit for human consumption. I barely got through the bean sprouts. Here is a picture.

Sunday was great! Adachi showed up for sacrament meeting out of nowhere! I had called her and she said she was busy, but Hatch E had been mailing her on facebook so she felt like she should come. She told us about this friend she has been worrying about and wants us to meet! She really wants to change herself and I feel like she is going to be so happy when she's able to learn the gospel more. Tochizaki S (deaf) also told me more about her daughter moving in with her and wanting to come to church! Another member has a niece moving to Iwamizawa as well who used to come to Eikaiwa and hear the lessons! I felt so blessed after working hard on finding. Even though we weren't able to find a particularly strong person on our own, the Lord is bringing great people to us :D After church we visited some PIs and taught some quick lessons then headed out with Adachi B to visit a non-attending ym to invite him to youth conference. He lives far away, otherwise he'd probably come every week. He's excited to go to youth conference even though he can only go one day! I'm jealous he gets to go. Youth conference was the best!

Today I am going to a place called Furano! It is pretty famous in Hokkaido. I bet you'll find cool pictures if you look it up. Because it's winter still, I don't know how many flowers there will be, but it's still supposedly really awesome. An Eikaiwa student is taking us.

Love you so much!
Hutchinson Choro

death ramen


chilling at institute

bear meat (it was pretty good)

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