Sunday, March 16, 2014

3/16/14 Surprise ZTM and Asahikawa music night

Hey! Thanks for the great letters as always. Thanks for the fun pictures too. Olivia looks like she had a good birthday. How lucky they are to have gotten to go to Disneyland with their awesome parents! Sounds like a new house is a pretty great (birthday) present for Dave, though it'll take some work. I'm excited to see it become awesome little by little. I'm so grateful for his amazing example as a father and friend. He is Christlike in a lot of different ways and it shows in his daughters' beautiful faces. I hope his birthday is incredible. Ask him if there is anything that he wants from Japan as well :) Washi tape is really easy to find and so are bento boxes. You can get them in just about any character you want. Nishime E is from Okinawa, yeah. You are lucky (to find his picture) because he is the youngest of the missionaries that are on that Christmas card. I counted the other day and only 11 of them are still living. He is way cool and it is great to have a Nihonjin comp again! That's cool you're still talking with Rodenberg E's family. If you meet them, say hi for me and make fun of Rodenberg E's clothes or something haha, jk. That's awesome you got a mail from Okuchi S as well! Her English is getting a lot better! Thanks for the package I am looking forward to it!

Your missionary experience is so dang cool! Wow. That sounds like something from an Liahona article or something. Sounds like it'll be really amazing! That was cool of you to give her a book about non-alcoholic drinks too. I'm rooting for you!

This week was pretty crazy! P-day we had some finding and I had a little music practice w/ the Ebetsu elders for the Asahikawa music night that is all of a sudden happening on Saturday. The next day Nishime E and I planned for a ZTM that is being coupled with the music night so we had to hurry and plan a bit. When we finished we went to this kinda out there part of the area called Kamihoromui where we found a lot and visited the Miyazaki family. She gave us tons of great bread and we shared a spiritual message. Wednesday we had MLkaigi again and it was cool and eye opening. Pretty soon I'll be the oldest in the mission. There are so many missionaries coming in and I'm so jealous! It's great to be in a position to serve them, though! We learned a lot about focusing more on PMG in helping the young missionaries become the next leaders.

Afterwards I had a little practice with Evans S and headed home to call a bunch of old investigators. We found some neat people we can probably pick up! Thursday we were going to meet Hayashi, but he ended up being busy at the last second. I'm glad his prayer got answered and he found work, but I hope we can find more time to meet! Otherwise we did a bunch of finding and found some really nice grandmas. We had Eikaiwa and I'm still getting used to teaching the normal class again haha. Nishime E seems to be really good with the kids. That night we swung over to Asahikawa for splits on Friday. I went with Bickel E and had a fun time finding with him. He came at the same time as Morgan E so he is still young, but growing a lot. We also helped out at the Asahikawa Eikaiwa that night.

Saturday was the busy day. On Friday night we had to lay out 12 futons in the Asahikawa apt so that was crazy. We started out with ZTM and did our workshop on finding with three categories: enjoying it, being united, and being engaged in it. It went great. The sister training leaders did a workshop on comp relations and the AP's did one on baptismal invites. Afterwards we had a testimony meeting then a lot of last minute time for the music night which went pretty well I think. I played my song and played with Evans S on 'Sukiyaki' which you might know. This member from Kitami came and played these really cool songs he wrote about the gospel and stuff. He did a trio with two other Shimai and they sounded a lot like the Mamas and the Papas and it was great. He usually plays in a gospel themed reggae band with his family, but they haven't been able to get together lately. Anyways, we came home on Sunday morning very tired and had a good Sunday with another NA visiting adventure with Adachi Kaicho. As usual I was a horrible son and forgot to take my camera out once. Sorry! I will repent ;)

I had a cool thought about the sacrament last Sunday. It's really simple, but I thought that repentance is like doing our homework, and taking the sacrament is like turning it in. You can get it done, but it's not til you actually turn it in that you can get it off your chest. It's such a great feeling :D

Hutchinson Choro

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