Sunday, June 29, 2014

6/29/14 drive drive drive send a mission president home drive meet a new mission president

and coming up next week.......!!!!
Turns out we're going to Kushiro again today wwwwwww

I have pictures, but I think you can wait 12 days :)
Kushiro was GREAT. Driving there was tiring. I'll tell you the long story after. I'm sure I can bring copies of the slideshow and stuff back, but it's mostly just missionaries you don't know... w
We sent the Evans off Saturday afternoon. We stopped by the temple site for my first time which was cool! Evans shimai also hugged me at the airport www. I'm pretty much already dead (the tradition before is that missionaries only got to hug Evans s one time at the airport when they died) so yeah.

The Nakatsukas are pretty cool! That's interesting Evans K sent a letter to you! Was it like a personal letter written by hand? I'm glad Dad liked my letter. Sorry I never got you anything too cool for your birthday... :(

I don't want to send my bike home. There are missionaries here that want it and it will be expensive to fix + ship it. That cost alone will buy me a better bike back home.

I remember having cousins with those names, but I don't remember their faces w. I'm excited to go to the temple and stuff again. I participated as a child in sealings for the dead when I was in the MTC. I think they made it dame (not allowed) afterwards, but it was cool I got to experience it once. I wonder if it's ok for me to go to Japanese sessions... I'd like to.

Sounds like you and Mara are having fun this week! She sent me a letter telling me about how horrible her life is with me gone wwwwww.

So last week on Monday we left at about 2 (we wanted to leave earlier to do stuff in Obihiro and stuff, but Evans S made us work more on the slideshow and look for a rug that she brought with her to Sapporo that she couldn't find) and drove for about 2 1/2 hours to Obihiro, ate butadon and then headed to Kushiro for another 3 hours. It was dark, but I was SUPER happy to be in Kushiro again. I talked to Sakamura E and Nguyen E and gave them advice about dendoing in Nemuro. Sounds like everyone's genki still. We went to DTM in Kushiro and one of the sisters gave a good workshop. We then stopped by Andrus S's house because it was Jay's birthday. We sang happy birthday and looked at pictures of him for about 15 minutes (we didn't have a lot of time), but I probably cried for 10 of them. After that we ate lunch at ur-tora shokudou (ultra cafeteria!) where I used to eat all the time with Morgan E and Andersen E when we would come to Kushiro. It was great. Lee E and I dendo'd with Nielson E. We did lots of walking, but met a good amount of cool people!

That night we had a birthday party for Kanno B which was really awesome as well!!! Tomita E got to meet his old convert so he was really genki too. Tuesday we started heading home. We made a pit stop and lo and behold we got called by someone telling us that Evans S's rug was found in the Kushiro sisters' apartment!!! She really needed this rug so as you would guess... we turned around and went back to Kushiro! Upon arrival, we sent a picture of the rug to sister E for confirmation and of course........ It wasn't the rug. So we drove from there straight back to Sapporo. We took a slightly alternate route though and it was super pretty! We lost almost two whole days to driving. Once we got home we had to prepare more of the slideshow and finish the presidents video for the Evans and Nakatsukas. Evans S was pretty happy with the slideshows. They should be flying back to Utah today! On Thursday there were a lot more similar requests and things, but at night we at least go to go out to eat matsuriya with a cool member who moved to the ward nearby. Friday was more preparation and setting up new iphones for the Nakatsukas. They came Friday night right before bedtime. On Saturday they talked w/ the Evans for about 5 hours and then the Evans just left. I wasn't really sad at all coz I'll see 'em soon wwww.

After that we helped Nakatsuka K do some stuff and get meetings organized with all the missionaries. He wants to meet the entire mission this week so that's why we're going to Kushiro today too hahaha. Saturday night we ate dinner together (made by Tomita E) and he told us some super awesome stories and testimonies. Sunday was good too. Church went great and quite a few NAs came! One of them is named Ebisawa Ryouhei and since Harada E from my MTC doki came back, we have been able to make a better relationship with him. After church we ended up having to work out more things w/ Nakatsuka K, so we only got a tiny bit of dendo time this week. To top things off we ate dinner with the Baker fam (husband is American, cutest daughters) and had a pretty awesome time there. Now I am here trying to hurry and get all the things I wanted to get done done so that I'll make it in time to go to Kushiro w/ Nakatsuka K & S. I hope you have a great week! I'm excited to see you and hug you again! :)

Hutchinson Choro

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