Monday, June 2, 2014

6/1/14 Mission Conference!

Hey! So first off, how many other missionaries' moms are you friends with? That's crazy hahaha. The big scroll has been going around to all the zones so that everyone gets to sign before the Evans leave. I don't know when I'll sign it, but I'm sure I will by where my trainer signed. Well, probably. It's probably covered with everyone else's signatures so I might be lucky to get a spot!

I don't know when my flight is. Apparently they can't tell me yet??? You'll find out before me though. Let me know ASAP because I want to let at least some people from Eniwa know because they want to see me off.

Penny is Alysha's mom right? She's close so you'll definitely still be able to talk to her a lot!
There were actually 2 baptisms in Nemuro! They were both referrals that Okuchi S gave. We got 21 baptisms this transfer which is actually a pretty HUGE accomplishment. :) You can write whatever you want back to Tando Shimai. I don't know what she wrote, so yeah. We ate dinner at her house again last week!

I'm glad your busy week went well! My week went great as well!
Monday a lot of letter writing! We also got a bunch of stuff ready to take over to the conference. At night, we drove the Evans to the airport for their conference in Tokyo! Yeah, we did mission conference without them! Tuesday, we took stuff over to the conference! A lot of missionaries (all the missionaries) had to come to Sapporo so we had to get ready for people to come to the honbu and other things. We also had a DKK to make sure that everything was set up straight.

WEDNESDAY was the fireside! It went so perfectly well! Everyone was so obedient I couldn't believe it. First Elder and Sister Aoyagi spoke, then Sister Christofferson. After that Elder Christofferson spoke and started with a question/answer session and then he shared a message about... haha. Marriage. Well, kind of. It was a lot about the importance of preparing for that and the fact that the two most important things we need to do in this life are to be born, and be spiritually reborn. Thanks for helping me do both!!! Afterwards we took a huge group picture and at the last second he decided he wanted to be in it! The next day we drove back and got things cleaned up. We also found a bit and then went to Tando S's house. After that we picked up the Evans. They had met Elders Christofferson and Cook in Tokyo and they had some good things to say about us!

On Friday night, we had a baptismal interview! It was to a family of four that got baptized the next day! They were so amazing and so prepared. I'm always so happy to see people accept the gospel as families! Other than that, it was some transfer planning and driving around delivering things. Saturday was kind of the same! Kaicho is so cool with transfer planning. Sometimes we'll be sitting in his office discussing where people should go, end with a prayer, and then next time BOOM he has all the right answers and they make perfect sense. Sunday was a great fast Sunday. We did a lot of transfer planning with all the honbu people then made some phone calls and other preparations! It's a busy time!
Thanks for all your love and support!! You're the best!
Hutchinson Choro

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