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5/18/14 Going back!

Hey! Thanks for the mail! It was kinda helpful that you wrote it in a more condensed way. It made it easier to read hahaha. This week was way cool! First I'll answer your questions.

We taught about prophets in primary! Because of the fireside, transfers got moved to June 5th! Preparations for Elder Christofferson are going good I think. We got most everything done pretty early. I'm pretty sure he'll just be in Hokkaidou that one day. They are crazy busy.

Sounds like a pretty busy week! Too many weddings. That's a good thing though. The picture of Mara and Sam is hilarious. Mara looks exactly the same. Sam looks completely different. You're getting new carpet too?? That's exciting!

Bishop wants me to sing too? Is he sure my music will be ok at sacrament meeting? hahaha
It's hard to remember what church was like in America. I feel like Kotoni ward probably isn't THAT different, but still...

Thanks for your thoughts about Alma as well!!! How is your hastening the Work of salvation goal???

My week!
On Monday we went to a onsen-town part of Sapporo called Jozankei. I think it's pretty famous. We went to an Onsen there for another missionary's b-day. It was kinda expensive, but we were the only ones there!!! It was great. It was like having 10 private Jacuzzis of all different varieties! After that we ate sushi at Hanamaru which is a copy of the one in Nemuro! It was pretty good :D We did lots of phone dendo that night. Tuesday we went on splits in Iwamizawa!! First we went to their DTM (my first dtm this transfer! AP's don't usually get to go) They had one of the missionaries in the district do the workshop and he used an example that made me laugh SO hard. Then we went to Iwamizawa and I got to work with Nishime E again!!! It was way fun. We get along really good. We work together really well too. He is working really hard there with Harper E. I have made a goal to do "real man dendo" on all of my ZL splits for the rest of my mission. It's just regular dendo, but you RUN everywhere :) I did real man dendo with Nishime E and found some way chill guys in their 20's who were really interested. I couldn't meet any of my old investigators, but I talked to Adachi on the phone and it sounds like she's thinking about baptism~! I also found a cool American guy there who actually lives by the honbu. His name is Jo and he plays the drums at his church, but he was pretty interested!

Wednesday we came back, got reports, had a lesson with this guy we made an apt w/ by phone named Mikami and made a baptismal date with him. He's pretty nice. We also had some other follow up to do then we went to..... ENIWA!!!!! (Braden's first area)
Thursday we went on splits in Eniwa-Chitose! The Elder's apartment actually got moved to Chitose so I didn't get to see my old apartment, but I went on splits w/ Sasaki E from my douki! (he came to Hokkaidou with me)

We rode our bikes to Eniwa and visited Haramai S!! She is doing pretty great. Her daughter has been stressed out because the bishop changed and missionaries change all the time. Thankfully we found that out, so the missionaries can make a better relationship with her! Her younger sister Kazune is 7 and will be 8 soon, but since Nodoka hasn't been going to church she hasn't been either! Please pray for them :D Please also pray for Haramai S's husband to accept the gospel someday too!
After that we went to see Matsuo S! She is the first Japanese member I met on my mission. She fed me on my first day. We did some service in her yard and she fed us her famous sushi, udon, and corny jokes. It was so cool to be able to understand her old lady Japanese perfectly :D She was pretty happy about it too. We called her mom and she loved it. I also got to see a lot of the members when we stopped by the church to get dressed. A lot of them remembered me! Even the recent convert knew who I was even though I never met her!

Friday was a busy office day with lots of phone dendo. Saturday was kinda similar. We also had an AB lesson with Zen B. He is way cool. Sunday was fun too! Church went well and we actually had a lot of dendo time after church. I will send you some of the pictures!
Thank you for everything!!!! Love you :D
Hutchinson Choro

Haramai S and Nodoka (converts from his first area)

Tomita Choro

Cool hotel in the middle of nowhere on the way to Obihiro

Splits with Fukushima E

Most recent mission leader conference

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