Sunday, June 9, 2013

6/9/13 Lots of Twists

Hey! So I got some emails from friends (Cash and Breanna) and was kinda surprised and lost track of time writing them back so I'll have to keep this email a little short. Theme is lots of twists.

So on Monday we had an awesome lesson with Inoguchi on the life of Christ. We watched finding faith in Christ and it was a great lesson. He said how much he has gained in faith and wants to believe and rely on God in his life. We also tried weeding and spraying weedkiller on all the weeds around our house. Having a house isn't as fun as I originally thought hahah, but it's good prep I think. Tuesday was lots of finding which ended up being talking to lots of really nice old people. Sometimes it's tough because they are really set on their traditions and don't want to change anything, but what I always try to do is leave a good Christlike impression. I think that's the most important thing, because we can't change other people no matter what. We can do our best to be a cause for them to want to change though. Wednesday we did more finding and found some cool middle aged people. Taught some decent lessons and passed some Books of Mormon. Thursday we had planning session and my bike tire popped! But we fixed it and did some great finding that day as well. We found one guy who went to church a waaay long time ago and he promised that he would come again. Friday was a lot of finding and meeting with Inamura shimai to read the Book of Mormon with her and it went really well. She still has some things on Sunday that make coming to church hard, but we will do our best. We had eikaiwa too and it was way fun! We have been putting up posters around and actually get good calls once in a while so our eikaiwa will get even bigger! It feels so cool since we started it from nothing at all. A while ago Aoyagi Choro from the 70 spoke at district conference about an area that had no baptisms for a long time that finally started to flourish when they put almost all their focus on finding ways to serve, especially eikaiwa.

Saturday was the twists day. We taught one of the middle aged ladies we found earlier in the week and then went to Inoguchi's. He said that right now he can't do the whole Christian thing. He is just too busy with his health and watching after his mom. He does still want to join the church someday if it were possible, but right now he cant take any free time. It was kinda scary and tough because it was such a sensitive situation, but by listening to him and showing him love it turned out alright. Time to search for the new prepared person! We'll still focus on Inoguchi when we can, but for now is finding! We also met a guy that day who is from Osaka and has LOTS of questions about religion. In his apartment was stuff from pretty much every religion you could think of. He is seeking the truth, but too much in the logical sense. Very nice guy though. Sunday was great. The guy we met on the street before came to church and so did Takizawa. He could only stay for a sec though. A few people went on a temple trip so different people taught the church lessons and it went really well. After church we got spontaneously asked to eat at Endo's house and the member we were going to go with got sick at the last minute! We got to her house and tried to explain that we couldn't go in without another guy. I got the idea to try one of our investigators that we go out to eat with sometimes and he was really happy to come. Funny experience, but it went way good. Today we are going to Nosappu cape which is the most eastern tip of all Japan. Way stoked and will take lots of pictures.

Thanks so much for the email this week! I'm so proud of all the cool things going on! Cool experience with Bonnie and excited for Mara to become a high schooler! Thanks for the picture of the house too hahaha. That's cool you did mission prep stuff with Sarah! Oh and I did get your ensign and letter last Monday right when I got home! Thank you!!!! Did you say Jessica Lim sent a letter a while ago? I still haven't gotten that :( Hopefully nothing got lost in the mail though!

Love you tons and tons and am grateful for all the cool things happening in your life and soo happy that FHE is going well! Also I really hope your dream of me wearing white for a baptism comes true!

Hutchinson Choro

P.S. - and yes it has gotten a little warm! There were a few days where I wore short sleeves for part of the day!

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