Sunday, June 23, 2013

6/23/13 Nemuro is still awesome!

Hey! I don't know what to call this week. Nemuro is still awesome.

Thanks for the mail about the broadcast! It sounds pretty interesting! It turns out we will be seeing it eventually. I wonder how those things will all apply here in Japan! Whatever we do here it really is exciting to be a missionary at this time ;) Glad lots of people see the blog too! I'll work on the email now!

I can't believe it's Westfest time already. That's really exciting about the vacuum too! Have fun in a clean house :) Japanese vacuums are pretty weird, but they work alright. You should look up a picture. It's like an egg with wheels and a hose. I can't believe how many farewells there were today though! Crazy cool. So many missionaries I can't remember where everyone is going. Awesome stuff though.

Good luck to Lauren having to go back to work. What will Max do? Glad Adam and Mara have been working a lot. St George youth conference sounds pretty cool too! Way proud of Adam finally having his papers in and Mara starting to drive. Thank you tons and tons as always. It is always glad to hear how things are progressing there. We are doing our best to try to get things moving too!

So I forgot my planner today and don't remember all the details about this week, but on Monday we caught up on letters and Elder Inumaki did some packing. Pretty sure we did some finding that night and met a few cool people that we made appointments to go back. Tuesday I am having a hard time remembering, but it was really kinda hurried. We taught a lesson to the investigator we found before named Kobayashi about the restoration. He believes everything, but part of that is he kinda believes every religion. Hopefully we can get him to receive an answer that because of the restoration this is the one true church. It will maybe take a lot of time, but that's ok. After that we headed on a bus to Kushiro for ZTM the next day which was really good. It was on committing and following up. After that we had our last DKK together as a companionship in the Kushiro apt and headed back to Nemuro. That night we met with Okuchi and taught about the doctrine of Christ. Her daughter is kinda hyper so it was hard to focus 100% and because of that I feel like it was kinda rushed especially on baptism. She seemed pretty good about everything at the end though. Hopefully she didn't feel a lot of pressure and stuff. Friday was a cool day. Went to visit some non-attendings that weren't there, but on the way back met an awesome guy named Kawasaki who is in the army and moved here two weeks ago. He is way prepared. He said he was searching for the purpose of life and we shared the plan of salvation with him real quick. He thought it was really cool and really respects what we're doing as missionaries. We made an appointment to eat with him today, but he got called into work right before. He wants to meet again though so I'm excited for that. After that we did some running around finding and got to Eikaiwa. A decent amount of people came and it was way fun as usual. I played my guitar afterwards and the students were really impressed. I'm way glad that with Eikaiwa so many people are able to come into the church. I just hope they can accept the gospel someday. Saturday we went to the farm and helped again. We also played a bunch with Itou shimai's kids who are not members. Sunday was cool. Okuchi couldn't come to church because of work, but Kobayashi came and I taught the gospel principles lesson. It went pretty well. After church Inumaki Choro said a lot of goodbyes and we taught a short lesson to the Kobayashi Family (members). Finding that day didn't end up having that much time, but Inumaki Choro said goodbye to a lot of the cool people that we have met. It is tough having him go home, but I'm looking forward to the cool stuff that will happen here next!

Ozawa kaicho gave a cool talk in sacrament. For part of it he used an example where it feels like we're walking in circles a lot of the time. However if you look at it from the side, it's like a spiral staircase bringing us closer to the Savior. I'm grateful for all the amazing things i get to see here everyday and I know you're seeing amazing things too! Love you!!!
Hutchinson Choro

Hokkaido is huge! And green!

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