Sunday, May 26, 2013

5//26/13 Happy birthday, Dad!

Hey Mom! This was a busy week too with lots of running around. I totally forgot what Memorial day was for a second. I wonder if Japan has it too. Glad you got your project done and must be so busy working hard that you forgot your shoes! That's too bad about Bonnie's friend, but it's good that you could attend with some good shoes. Send me a picture of the house next week if you could please :) I realized I don't have any pictures of it. If Mara and Adam work for Justin my advice is to just work really hard, not care about getting dirty, and work hard. Always find something new to do if you get a job done early. I hope Mara gets awards too!

That's crazy dad is turning 50! I feel bad because I completely forgot how old you and dad are. Someone in the branch asked the other day and I couldn't answer so I was a little embarrassed. That means you are *** right? That's exciting for Max's blessing! Thanks for the picture of Lauren's house, that's the first time I've seen it. That's crazy it's almost summer there. I don't think I'll need sunscreen here for a REALLY long time hahahaha. Can you tell me how hot it is there in Celsius? Adam and Mara's pictures are great wow they are really grown up looking. I can't wait for Adam's mission call! His hair looks great. I actually cut my own hair the other day and it looks pretty decent I've gotten compliments from pretty much everyone.

So this week for P-day we wanted to go to Nosappu cape which is the farthest East part of Japan, but it rained way hard so we just stuck around and did music practice. We had some awesome lessons that day too. We visited 3 people that we had appointments with and they all became investigators. One particularly awesome guy named Inoguchi went really well. We first met him on the street, but he was busy and couldn't listen. The other day we found him housing and he remembered meeting us and we made an appointment to come back. It wasn't a really strong feeling and we actually were a tiny bit late for it because the lesson before it went kind of long. When we got there he told us that he was worried that we wouldn't come. We talked to him to get to know him a bit and he is having a pretty hard life. He is 50 and has diabetes pretty bad. It affected his eyes and he had to quit his job. He has been searching for a new job, but the hard thing is that he has to take care of his sick mom too. Long story short at the end of the lesson he said that he thinks following Jesus Christ is what he needs to do to make his life better. The next day went really awesome, just lots of finding cool people. Wednesday we had splits with the District leader and did some service helping plant a garden. That day we had another lesson with Inoguchi. He understand faith and repentance pretty well and when we invited him to be baptized he just asked "where?" He is pretty strong. The only problem is that his eyes are bad so the Book of Mormon is hard to read and also he has to go to the hospital on some weekends so church is kinda tough too. We had a ton of fun with the district leader and his comp afterwards. This weekend we had to go back to Sapporo for the music performance and it went great! Maybe you'll be able to see it on Youtube again.

Thanks so much for everything! From here we are headed back to Kushiro for a couple of days for splits and a zone thing. Talk to you next week! Love you!

Hutchinson Choro

The new haircut!

I have no idea what these are, but I hope he didn't have them for dinner :)

Another mystery photo

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