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4/21/13 "It is still winter here"

=It is still winter here=

So that is great news about Lauren, Andrew, and Max (note: Braden's new nephew)! How fun. I'm glad he is healthy, he looks really awesome. I am not surprised about how well Lauren handled it. She is so great! Thanks for the pictures. I wonder what he will look like when he gets bigger.

He sure has a ton of clothes. Wow. Glad you all get to spend so much time together. What do you mean he will have 3 missionary aunt/uncles? Adam and Caitlin are the other 2? Also missionaries can't hold, tickle, or watch kids so I will have to just settle with looking at the Ozawa's kid. Haven't got a chance to see her anyway.

Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday. I can't make the cake you sent because there is no oven in our house. To celebrate I dendo'd and it was pretty much a normal day. I'm excited for Adam to finish school and get preparation done and that's cool for Bre, Caitie, and Kallie as well! I haven:t gotten a letter since I've come to Nemuro and neither has Inumaki Choro... Not that I need any or anything, but if people have wedding invites etc I'd like to see 'em. Sounds like the new stake presidency is all really awesome people! Who is the new young men's president? That's super cool that lots of people read the blog! If anyone ever comments on it send to me please!! :) (Hint: you can comment below or on the facebook link & we will send it to Braden)

So not going to lie, I hardly cook at all and the stuff I know how to cook you could only buy in Japan or special stores I think. Or it's just ridiculously simple stuff like curry and stew from mixes. Inumaki Choro is a ridiculously good cook. His parents both went on missions so he is second generation. He is from Wakayama prefecture which is pretty small apparently. He's crazy strong and I've learned a billion and two things from him.

So this week was going to Kuruma Ishi on p-day (car rock). It is this rock formation that is big and round. It's on the seaside though and the giant waves were the coolest part haha. We biked there and it was fun. Tuesday we had another great DTM on the phone and did a bunch of finding. We made a baptismal date with an old investigator, but he has bad word of wisdom problems. A lot of people here do actually. We want to try super hard to help him overcome that. Wednesday we visited a lot of appointments I made on splits the week before and were able to teach 2 good lessons in people's doorways. We visited one of the member's brothers we got as a referral and he is a great guy, but has w.o.w. problems as well. Thursday was visiting this other old investigator named Hasegawa who gave us a tonnn of candy and sweets. She really likes the gospel and missionaries, but won't give up tea. She also has some other interesting beliefs. Plus she talks a ton and it's very hard to teach her. That day we also taught another investigator named Suzuki who really likes the missionaries as well, but we need him to act on his own to know what we are teaching is true. He has a lot more promise out of the people now. He does have a smoking problem as well though.

Friday we tried to visit more old investigators and there was a way cool guy named Endo who is pretty interested in the message and wants the blessings for his family. We tried visiting and finding a bunch of other people as well. On Saturday we did some phone dendo and went to an area called Nishihama for a bit and visited Takarada who is another old investigator. She is kinda like Hasegawa. We have to find out why these people investigated for years and years without getting baptized... There are lots of them really. We also did some finding in another area called Komaba. We visited a member that night who cannot speak. She speaks sign language. So I have been learning Japanese sign language a bit and it's fun. There are two members like that here. Sunday was a very crazy day. We went to church and during church it started to rain very bad, then turn to snow. Church was super awesome and an investigator came, but had to leave before sacrament. Inumaki Choro gave a talk and it was awesome. After church we talked to members a bunch and Ozawa Kaicho's son Karebu said that a lot of people at his high school know who we are and that we are "famous." It is really fun to talk to high school kids and show them how the gospel applies to them. Anyway after church we had an appointment with the mom of a member who moved away (also named Endo) so we ate lunch and headed over on our bikes. It was a little snowy, but we were fine. Endo ended up having a huge meal for us and the member we brought with. We talked to her a bit and found out that she had a lot of hard things in the past with her son going to church and going on a mission, but were able to testify to her about it a lot. Anyway, since we weren't expecting food it took a lot more time than we thought and the snow didn't stop. When we left, the snow was probably six inches and we had to push our bikes home, but it was pretty adventurous. So that is pretty much my week!

Thanks for the prayers and support as always. I am grateful to have a family where I could find the gospel for myself. It's wonderful to see David and Lauren's families growing up like that as well.

Hutchinson Choro

Here are some pictures from Kuruma-ishi
Also there was a horse farm on the way

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