Monday, April 1, 2013

3/31/13 The shortest letter

Hey! They are doing an activity today so I have like ten minutes to email today. Thanks for the long awesome mail though! I haven't met Gandy Choro because he has been in Tomakomai the whole time, but it sounds like he's coming to the honbu today about 20 minutes after we leave to the activity. Transfers are this week so crazy things could happen. 16 new missionaries are coming. I'm way excited for Spring too you don't even know. With the recorder no prob I'll look for a recorder on my own ;) thanks! We didn't do anything for Easter at all. One person mentioned it in their talk in sacrament. I actually forgot until I heard that. I'm very proud of Mara again and Adam too! Mya sounds cute as usual. I am glad no one got hurt too bad in the car accidents. That's way scary. Hakodate? Yes it is warmer. Thanks a ton and I probably won't see your other email!

Love you! Aishiteimasu!
Hutchinson Choro

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