Sunday, February 3, 2013

2/3/13 My comp baptizes a kid in the ward and two in a row splits

Hey! You can call this message... My comp baptizes a kid in the ward and two in a row splits...

P-day was a chill p-day for once, which I actually really love. We just sat around and played guitar a lot. Rodenberg Choro is actually looking into the media music program when he gets back and we talk about making music together a bunch after we get home. We just had another good jam session just barely haha. Speaking of which I really want a voice recorder. He always records his letters and sends them and it is way faster and you can put so much more in! Plus he sends back songs he records too. Tuesday was splits with him and it was way fun to just talk with him, hear his advice, and just see a new dendo style. We also found an Adele CD attached to a tree... hahah we decided to keep it and it's just sitting on Rodenberg Choro's desk right now since we can't listen to it. I also taught a pretty cool lesson to this lady in her doorway all by myself and I was pretty proud of it haha. Eikaiwa that night was pretty crazy. Two new people came, one of them being Haramai Shimai's husband which is way sweet. We separated into two classes which is something we have been talking about doing for a long time so more people can come.

On Wednesday we went to this way far out area on a bus and it was WAY covered in snow because the snow removal doesn't really go out there. It was fun though. Thursday was splits with Fukuyama Choro and it was way bomb. He is from Okinawa and is going home in four weeks. We talked a ton and he gave me a bunch of advice. Okinawa sounds like an amazing place and I want to go wayy bad haha. It is the warmest part of Japan in the very south. We also taught a pretty awesome lesson that day as well to a lady I found the time I went on splits with Davis Choro. Friday was planning and visited some prospective investigators in Megumino.

Saturday was the day that Ishiga Choro baptized the kid in the ward who turned 8 named Kei kun. We went to his birthday party and played some games with the kids and ate a ton of food. Then at the baptism we had one investigator come, but Ishiga Choro didn't tell him that it was a baptism, just an activity so we had to explain everything to him as it was going. Haha oh well. He is still pretty cool and we went out to eat afterwards. Sunday was way fun too. It was fast Sunday and the lesson in gospel doctrines was on the creation. I love gospel doctrines by the way. Do you have the book? You should read it. I really love the Lorenzo Snow book too. He is a way cool guy. Also two gaijins from Russia (from USA living in Russia) came to church because they were on vacation. We also got Yuuta kun (Hatanaka Shimai's kid) to come to church too. At testimony meeting Haramai Shimai bore her testimony and it blew me away. She is so strong it is crazy. I felt the spirit a toooon. I'm so excited for her and her family as always haha. Have you found any recipes for her? This is probably my 2nd to last p-day in Eniwa. Crazy. Also that night we had a party at one of the member's houses for this Japanese tradition called mamemaki where you throw beans at people with ogre masks on to bring fortune into your house. I won the rock paper scissors tournament, so I got to throw the beans. It is a pretty cool thing hahaha. Also I decided to give "taking my camera around anywhere just because" a try, and took a ton of pictures.

So things sound awesome back home. The girls are cute as usual. Have I told you about the bishop's family? Way cute kids. The littlest one finally talks! haha Sounds like Adam and Mara are having a good time too. So crazy Jameson is out already and Mara is doing the talent show too. Caitlin is going to Romania I think - haha I dunno. That's way scary about Jacob's accident, but I'm glad he didn't get hurt. Definitely protected. Speaking of which I've been reading this book called Our Heritage about the early saints, and it has a ton of stories about people being protected.

We are actually singing a bunch of stuff today at the honbu for this party for a previous missionary. Ahhhh.... I don't want to get transferred, but at the same time I do because I love this ward and area so much, but I want to see what the rest of the mission is like. We will see what happens next week on the 14th! So it is way icy here. It was super warm for a few days and then just all frozen again. That sounds way tough the lights are frozen though hahaha. The Snow Festival is starting today, but we are going to see it on Thursday after zone conference! I love you tons and am grateful for this work and for the testimony and strength I am receiving!!!

Hutchinson Choro

The Eniwa Choros with Kei kun

Our apartment building - we're on the first floor


More Snow!

YM from the ward at Kei's party

Two of the bishop's kids

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