Sunday, February 17, 2013

2/17/13 I'm in TOYOHIRA now!!! AND IT ROCKS!

I left Eniwa :'( but I'm in TOYOHIRA now!!! AND IT ROCKS!
So it was a pretty intense week. On Monday we went to Lake Shikotsuko because they have a festival there called Hyoutou Matsuri and it was SOOOOOOOO good. It was way better than yuki matsuri not gonna lie. They made these huge caves out of ice that they poured little by little over these frames so everything looked like a frozen waterfall. So amazing. Look up pictures because I forgot my camera so you should look up pictures online until next week. It was awesome and the lake was really cool. We went with Sugiura shimai and then the rest of the p-day we just chilled. Tuesday was transfer calls and they came really early but I found out that I was going to Toyohira with STILSON CHORO who is the coolest guy ever. He is a convert from Seattle Washington and super strong. He is 23 and super buff. Probably the buffest missionary in Hokkaido haha. He played football and tons of sports and is probably also the nicest guy ever as well. The members and investigators in Toyohira are super cool as well and I am just super excited about everything. I will probably say lots of cool stuff about Stilson Choro and the ward as I go.
So on Wednesday we met a few non-attending members named Adachi and Katou shimai and they were super funny. I made a paper with our favorite scriptures on it and we are handing it out to a lot of people to help them read the Book of Mormon more. I also met another non attending that morning at the church (which is 3 stories tall!!!!) and we also taught him a way powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in your testimony. Way good lesson and he is really into music too, so he was really interested that I studied guitar and stuff.

The time went by really fast actually and I don't have my planner or journal so I don't remember a ton of stuff, but dendo here is crazy different. Probably 4x the amount of people talk back to you than Eniwa plus there are tons tons more people here. We have met some crazy cool people on the streets haha. So we also went to a couple members' houses (the Kurami's and the Yasutani's) who are super awesome and they love me a ton. I helped Yasutani kyoudai with his application to BYU. He is fluent at English and just a way cool guy. There are a ton of people here that speak English by the way!!! Way surprising. On Sunday we went to church and it is such a fun ward! Everybody is way nice. They were excited to meet me too. There are seriously so many awesome people in the ward though I don't know if I could tell you about them all and I have only met them like once! Anyways we had our golden investigator named Yukio come to church (he is also fluent in English) and he liked church a ton. The lessons were all about missionary work and the spirit and so were the talks in sacrament meeting. After church we taught him a lesson (all in English so I was a bit nervous at first, but because of the spirit it ended up being really good and powerful) and he said he was looking forward to praying about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith and he wants them to be true. He is pretty much getting baptized no doubt. Elder Stilson found him last transfer on the street because he was wearing a Raiders jacket. He played football at a college in America for a while and that's why he knows English. All around awesome week. I'm at the honbu now because that's where we do email from now on. Fun stuff.

I'm way stoked for you as Gospel Doctrine teacher! Have lots of fun because I think you will be a great teacher. I think as you get better at it it will become more simple. That's tough your uncle passed away. Where was the funeral? I'm excited for Cassie too! Glad Mara's grades were better than they seemed haha.

Valentine's day was transfer day, but I still got some valentines earlier from members and one Eikaiwa student who saw me off at the train station. But anyways I've been distracted this whole time and ran out of email time, but I'll see you around and I love you!!!!!!!!

Hutchinson Choro

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