Sunday, July 7, 2013

7/7/13 Japan Japan Japan!

Hey that's awesome!!!!!! (Adam's mission call) Get working on your Spanish accent! Hahaha I think you will really like Spanish once you get into it ;) That's interesting that you didn't want to go somewhere hot. I don't mind the cold now and I'm dying of heat now in 20ish degrees celsius. You'll get used to the heat and it'll be way fun though eh! Maybe you:ll find another branch of Strickland Propane and convert the people that work there hahaha. Also you better not get fat or else...! You've got some time to prepare though, so get on that! :D

I hope getting the passport stuff and everything got done right away. Way jealous Adam gets to go to the Mexico MTC. (Although I heard the Provo one got extreme makeovered) Also he will probably become good friends with mesh garments... Just a guess.
Glad the kitchen stuff is getting moving! Sad story, but when I saw the picture of Adam opening his call the first thing I noticed was new shelves in the front room hahaha I don't know why that stuff is so interesting to me. The cabinets here are kinda low and I bump my head into them on a regular basis. It actually has gotten here the last few days. It got to somewhere around 30 degrees and I thought I was going to pass out. I guess I have just gotten too used to the cold haha. I forgot that the 4th of July passed as well! Glad everyone got to get together and have fun! Uncle Merril is a champ still working sometimes! I think that's why old people in Japan are so genki all the time, they never stop working!

So let's see what I did this week... Last p-day was kinda bad weather so we stuck around the apartment then did some finding and visited Okuchi and her daughter. She has been really busy with work and her daughter so hasn't been able to pray or come to church, but we are going to try focusing on the daughter. If the daughter gets a desire to come to church and pray it will help the mom out a lot as well. They are way cool though and totally prepared. Just need to work with them the right way! Tuesday was DTM, watching the broadcast again (the "I'll go where you want me to go" video is the best thing ever)with Andersen Choro, and going to the city hall to get his resident card stuff done. We also did lots of finding that night. Wednesday was a lot of finding in Nishihama. We also started making all these handouts that we could give to young investigators with pictures of hello kitty, stitch, famous Japanese characters etc. to help them remember to pray and stuff. We decided that we want to work harder to use our talents in dendo. We met with the Sekiya family again for the first time in a while and tried the same approach that we wanted to do with Okuchi. The mom was really happy and having fun with/being a good example to her kids I think is helping a lot. Thursday was planning as usual and visiting some families that we want to try a very similar strategy with. I feel like it can be a big way to help investigators open up their hearts!

Friday we went to Inoguchi's house and he has been getting a lot more time lately. His mom had to go into the hospital which is tough, but hopefully we'll be able to meet with him more and help him make the decision to come to church. We taught him a lot about priorities and hopefully that'll help him pray too. Eikaiwa that night was a little sparse because of cold and rain, but still way fun. Saturday was back to Bekkai where we hung out with Emille the Phillipino and helped out on the farm. Then we headed to meet a lady we found last week there and on the way met a lot of way cool people who were way open to the message and stuff. When we got to the lady's house I've never seen an investigator so happy to see us. She told us about how she was thinking she really wants to come to church the next day (3 hour drive) and also how she wanted to learn how to pray so that she could feel more peace in her life. After that she asked us if we would tell her why our church is different from others and so it was pretty much perfect. We like to call these people Kinjin (gold person) anyways it was awesome. She wasn't able to come to church the next day because of family plans taking use of the car, but she prayed and read the Book of Mormon! Her name is Kawashima and she is probably in her 40s. Awesome. Sunday was pretty great. I taught young men's again and fast and testimony meeting was good too. We did LOTS of finding that day and it was very hot. It was great though! The funny thing that I've noticed with finding is that the most prepared people you find RIGHT before you decide to finish (first floor of a big apartments as you descend, etc). Kinda funny, but it always makes the day feel more worth it. This morning we went running to the nearby shrine and took some cool pictures. Japan Japan Japan! I'm having a great time and it's a lot more tiring to be sr. companion, but way fun. Not quite, but almost everything is up to you and it's a big time to learn more and more about relying on the Lord.

Keep being awesome and share some more miracle stories with me next week too! ;D

Love you tons!
Hutchinson Choro

Shrine by my house (3rd biggest in Hokkaido?)

This is Nemuro

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