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1/20/13 More from Eniwa

(the caps lock is broken on this keyboard now so unless i hold down the shift key then EVERYTHING IS LIKE THIS so i have to type in all small letters - edited by Mom)

Sounds like Jameson's farewell went awesome! It is so crazy that people are growing up so fast plus the new age limit makes it possible to be one year earlier! I'm glad it got Adam excited too. Lauren sent me some great pictures of Richie, Xela, Ron etc and they were really fun.

You can pretty much send any and everything to Sister Haramai if you want. I know they can't really get peanut butter normally, but there is a Costco here where you can buy all sorts of crazy things. (It's not in my area though so I've never been, but we sometimes order stuff from it through the honbu choros) also of course she has a microwave. She loves sewing, but I'm not 100 percent sure if it's sewing in general or just certain types. I think it might be cross stitching? I don't really know. She's also really into patchwork quilts and stuff like that. They actually have good FHE materials in Japanese, but if you find something really good then go ahead and send it. I actually translated Phase 10 to a family in the ward yesterday. I'll explain that later.

Her little family is doing great though. Her two daughters come with her to pretty much everything and are way good in primary and reading scriptures and stuff. It has definitely been a good influence on the dad, but he is already such a good guy that he kind of doesn't see how the gospel can improve his life. He is just happy for his family and works as much as possible to help them out. One thing is that Haramai Shimai is shy about talking to him about things like that, but we are doing what we can to provide opportunities through activities FHE etc.

The Kit Kats here are exactly the same as in America haha, Snickers too. I don't know if I will ever get a chance to see or read the YSA fireside. I really want to though!! We don't get the Liahona or anything. I think i have to order it myself? We'll see how that goes.

I'm glad you have been guided by the spirit as well in teaching or having conversations with us as kids. I think you could get that help from the Holy Ghost in anything when you really need it and I'm going to try harder to just open my mouth. It's tough with a native companion who talks really fast. It was kinda like that with my trainer too, though. When you think you have an opening to talk you take a breath and get ready to talk and your comp beats you to it haha.

Mochi tastes way good. I don't know how to describe it. It's really gooey. It just tastes like rice, but you put all sorts of stuff on it. I will see about getting pictures from one of the other missionaries or something. I've told you before, but I can't just carry my camera around especially in the snow. The one time I did my camera didn't work for a few days and I thought it was broken. Also there are rules about not looking like a tourist so I have to look for opportunities, plus I'm just not good at taking pictures or remembering that kinda stuff. Are there any pictures of Eniwa on the internet? I have pictures of where I live so don't worry about that. Of course we have music in the apartment; I would be dead if we didn't haha. Lately I jam a lot with Elder Rodenberg.

That's way exciting for Alyssa! Please give her my best. I'm excited for Jesse and Doretha and will keep praying for Uncle Merril.

What do you mean up late for two nights in a row for Adam's improv shows? Wait, what? Whose birthday was it? There were two birthdays in my apt this week so that was pretty fun.

Yeah sure Adam can use the suit, just remember that my branch president in the MTC made me send it back.

So this last week p-day was pretty much just me buying a sweater at a recycle shop and getting my haircut. It took forever because Ishiga Choro wanted to go to a nice place, but the haircut is really good. They actually cut it how I asked and got it right. I'll put a picture on.

"Before" Hair

"After" Hair

The day after was district meeting, dendo in a place close to the apartment. There we met with an old investigator who has problems with commitments but he wants to be better. Ishiga Choro really wants to work with him so we'll see how it goes. He has a baptismal date at the beginning of next month. We were going to meet with him today to help him clean his apartment, but he hasn't mailed us back. We also had Eikaiwa and it was pretty fun as usual. Elder Rodenberg pretty much takes the Eikaiwa for the most part, but I'm trying to start a beginner class to get more members and new people to come. There is one guy from Eikaiwa who is in the j=tai (Japanese army - there are tons of them in Eniwa) who is way awesome and good at English and has made pretty good friends with me. He came with us to the Messiah and sat by me and talked the whole time. When I asked him how his new year's was he said hanging out with us was the best part! He has been having a hard time getting divorced, but is going to move actually pretty close to the church. We really want to pick him up as an investigator. He actually met with missionaries lots in the past so we'll see how that goes. Wednesday was lots of housing. It was also Elder Rodenberg's birthday. I gave him the extra guitar I got from a member and put new strings on it haha. We also met with this non-attending named Kazuki who is way awesome and he is starting to want to come back to church. He is seventeen and a way nice kid, way smart two (number two in his whole high school, number one is another girl in the ward haha).

Thursday was dkk (dendo in Chitose) and dinner with the Kurashige's again. We played this game with her grandkids where the leader reads old Japanese proverbs and in the middle are all these tiles with the proverbs written in way old style. Most Japanese can't even read them, but anyways when they read the proverb you try to be the first one to pick it up! It's pretty intense. Her grandkids were way good. She is the only member in her home, but her two grandkids have told her before they want to get baptized and go on missions when they grow up! Hopefully that example will continue. She also gave us more calligraphy things! I have a good collection now. Friday was straight housing and looking for old investigators. We also went to this little old American antique shop because it was Ishiga Choro's birthday the next day and he really wanted to go. There was some waaayy nostalgic stuff. He bought a Batman shirt and this America puzzle that I remember playing with in elementary school. On his birthday the next day, I gave him a ton of chocolate. We also went housing that day and decided to check out this area that was kinda on the outskirts on the north side of Eniwa. At one of the houses a random high school girl who was way nice gave us a ton of candy too! Elder Ishiga was pretty stoked. We also met with one of the members whose birthday is the same as his and he gave her a card. He gives everyone cards that he makes and he's pretty good actually. She invited us over for dinner the next day after church. Church was way good and afterwards we housed and went to the member's house. She has six girls so it is a pretty awesome family. They are all really quiet though! We had a ton of cake and played some pretty awesome games including Phase 10 that I translated.

I have been thinking a lot about Christ and what kind of person he was lately and it has affected our dendo style a lot. Please do what you can to try to find out more about him and become more like him. I know you will have his help always and be guided to the things you need to do! I love you so much and pray for you always!



Here's the puzzle they found that Braden had as a kid

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